Session 1 of #MyFirstBikini Challenge!

Gooood Morning!

Last night I attended my first session with Chris at Elite Performance Gym where I had the vital stats taken and my movements video'd! I am pretty excited to get properly started but I will be honest, it was last night's session I was dreading.

I really hate being measured and weighed and all that jazz, I know that I shouldn't shy away from the truth and that things will only get better, but as a girl I think mentally, everything tells you to dress and pose and do whatever you can to appear slimmer. Willingly letting someone measure me and see certain parts of me was actually quite a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I am one for the humour and being blase about things but that is where I feel my most vulnerable.

That said, I think Chris made is as quick and painless-ish (we will move on to that momentarily!!!) as possible and this is just the starting point so I just grinned (winced inside) and got on with it! Things can only get better right?!

I also briefly mentioned about the Bio-Signature profiling in my first post, which will help Chris see where I store fat on my body so we can target those areas in my training sessions - this bit I am fascinated by, but the process of finding it is a tad awkward!

To describe this in understandable terms, if you imagine a pincer like tool with a pressure gauge attached to it which then pinches certain areas of your body then that is how they can calculate the profile. In the interest of giving you a warts and all run down of my experiences I am going to be brutally honest - this bit was quite embarassing. Chris had to basically locate all my flabby bits, pinch them and then clamp it to get the data.

I have a pretty high embarassment threshold but this has cringe written all over it, and it can be quite uncomfortable at times. I am really not being negative about this as actually it wasn't that bad, we had a few laughs, but I want to give an accurate portrayal of what I am going through in the hope that if anyone else is reading this and wants to try it then they know exactly what to expect.

Chris then got me to do certain movements and he filmed me doing them so he can assess my weaker areas and build an exercise programme around what I can physically do. Again - pretty embarassing, more so because the thought that there are numerous videos of me flailing around, tripping up and falling over out there make me feel nervous. Who knows, one day I might ask Chris to send them to me and could post it on YouTube for comedy value, but for now I would rather pretend to myself that they don't exist and PRAY that Chris never loses his phone!!!

I now have all the nutrition plans and information to have a read through but I have to say that I am still excited to get going and make a real change to how I look and feel. I know this post may come across as though I didn't enjoy the first session when I actually did but I think that as I document this journey then I need to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly!

I know this isn't going to be easy but I do love a challenge... Bring it on!

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