#MCRFW Monthlies Box

Manchester Fashion Week Blogger Box Goodies*
This post is probs a little late to the party.. but due to an unforeseen delay on my box from the lovely people over at #MCRFW I am only able to post about it this week!
I still think my postman 'lost' my box as it's contents were just so amazing!
As a part of my role as official blogger to Manchester Fashion Week, I was given some goodies to try out! You can see from the above that I really was treated to some fab bits and bobs, I have been able to sample some of them and here are my thoughts;
Pop Chips: For a low fat snack these are ruddy delicious! A bit more substantial than snack a jacks, Pop Chips are 'popped' potato chips. They are really tasty and this first pack has made me want more..
Hotel Chocolat Chocolates: I took these with me for the night before my friend's big day at the weekend and they are amazing. Hellooooo salted caramel chocolate slabs inside it! Phwoar they were a bit lovely!
Lancome Mascara: This wavy wand is incredible for length and curl, I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a new mascara! I am wearing it in the post below - no falsies just my own stubby lashes!
Balmi Lipbalm: My blackcurrant flavour balmi lip balm is a new fave of mine. I love how ergonomic they are, it smells lovely and it does a fab job of moisturising the smackers!
Megaload Pretzel Peanut Butter Cups: OH MY GOOD GOD. These are heavenly. I'm actually glad that I don't know who stocks these as I have a feeling my continuing bridesmaid diet could take a turn for the worse... I will find out for anyone who is interested though. They are a real treat for any PB fans!
Tea Pigs Tea, Redken Product, Lustrous Locks, gorgeous ring and Lancome eye serum haven't been sampled yet but you will be the first to know when I have tried them!

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