Perry Nelvill

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those Fashion and Textile Students who graduate from the Art Schools in the UK and how they sell their collections? I have.. which is why when I heard about Perry Nelvill I thought it was a pretty damn cool set up!

Perry Nelvill is an online boutique selling the work of recently graduated fashion and textile designers from Art Schools across the UK to an international audience.

Perry Nelvill aims to encourage uniqueness in fashion and textiles by providing a platform which helps nurture and foster new designers in establishing their creative identity and making available this exclusive work to everyone in society.

Perry sells work which is bold, brave and at the epitome of creativity; work which is produced when each designer has few “market-led” constraints. They encourage creative development whilst establishing a professional presence on the fashion and textiles marketplace for every designer.

Each piece of work for sale is manifestly individual: pieces of inspiration, beauty and quality which can be purchased online at Perry Nelvill.

So if you want a piece of the UK's emerging Fashion or Textiles talent then head on over to Perry Nelvill!

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