Central Avenue @ The Corn Exchange Manchester

Central Avenue
It'ssss FRIDAY!

Which means that some of you will be heading out over the weekend or thinking it's one week closer to an important/exciting event you want to look your best for!

Whilst I don't think there are a pair of spanx on the market that would enable me to shoe horn myself into one of these gorgeous dresses... I thought I would spread the word all the same to you lucky souls who can rock a body con!

Introducing Central Avenue!! *Tah dahhhh* who have recently opened their very first store in Manchester's Corn Exchange after an incredibly successful 12 months since launching their dresses and selling them online.

With a fab variety of styles, shapes and colours, Central Avenue's dresses are priced between £90-£150 and many are much like the styles and colours we see on our favourite celebs. A personal fave of mine is the Kim K replica of the Midori Advert Emerald Body Con number.. after all, emerald is pantone's colour of the year!

So if you are after a dress for the weekend then head down to the Corn Exchange and check out Central Avenue!

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