Me Time

Sometimes a girl needs some me time. As a full time worker, along with blogging in my spare time, I always make time to relax, unwind and pamper myself.

I'm not a huge fan of baths (I never know what to do in there?!) so for me, pamper time includes a long hot shower with lots of lovely scented products, a face mask and then hopping into bed to read a magazine. Bliss.

The lovely folk over at Victoria Plum sent me some pamper goodies as a reminder that we need to stop, and take a little R&R! If you are looking into new bathrooms then after a little nosy on the website I can confirm you will be in VERY good hands with Victoria Plum! Do not scrimp on chill time, it's really important to give yourself time to destress in order to remain healthy and happy, plus who doesn't love that warm and sleepy feeling after a bath or shower?! :)

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