A New Look for SweetieSal

Welcome to the new look, sleek design of SweetieSal. I am beyond delighted with my new design brought to you by Pipdig!

Much as I liked my old style, I was getting increasingly bored with it, wanted something more professional looking and I think my blog encompasses a lot more than just 'Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle' these days.

I'd like to write more about travel, food and events which I agree do fall within lifestyle, but that is very much where I see my niche being at the moment.

I massively enjoy fashion and beauty and will continue to write about those topics, but I am certainly no stylist or MUA and I have been feeling like calling myself a 'beauty blogger' is probably a little misleading, given that my experience in makeup and beauty is all self taught.

For me, I want SweetieSal to evolve into something slick and professional. Quality written content on a wide variety of topics. I ventured into YouTube because I felt pressured to do so and I personally don't think it is for me. It's too time consuming, soul destroying and ultimately that's not where my creative passion lies, so I have deleted my videos and I think I will leave that platform for my younger, more technologically able peers in the blogging world!

So, now it's over to you! What posts do you like reading the most? Are there any topics I don't talk about that you'd like me to or anything you think I currently do that is a snorefest? Please let me know and thank you for sticking with me :)

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