How I stay organised

I am not naturally *that* organised (there, I said it) so I thought I would share with you some of the tricks and tips I use to try and keep on top of my shizz.

At work and at home I am a big fan of list writing. I'll be honest, I even sometimes write things down I have already done as it find it encouraging.

When you have a day job and a rather time consuming hobby, I find that carrying around a notepad to jot things down is super helpful. Through doing this, I can make my down time pretty productive and I try and keep a list of blog post ideas so I am not left without some content to post.

I also think you can't really predict when creativity will strike so rather than sitting aimlessly at my laptop, I tend to get things down on pen and paper and then type it up. This method is working really well for me so I'd definitely recommend it!

For my social calendar, I am very much a visual kinda gal, I have toyed with the idea of getting a filofax or planner, but I actually find using my outlook at work and iPhone calendar is helping me keep on track. I also have a super cute chalk board from Primark where on a weekly basis I can see what I am doing at a glance.

As I juggle appointments, social events, blogger events, gym and personal training sessions, the only way I make it all work is to plan things in. Obviously I can be spontaneous but I do like to be prepared and ready for what life throws at me!

I am one of the worlds WORST procrastinators and I have been known to colour coordinate my wardrobe instead of doing what I actually really needed to do. It's not my finest quality but it's something I am aware of and working on!

I also think to have a well balanced work/life you need to know that it's ok to rearrange plans or listen to your body saying it needs relaxation time. Some days I think to myself, do you know what Netflix and Chill is all I can manage tonight. More often than not, that's a Friday for me and rather than make myself overtired, I just roll with it :)

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