Mad Hatter's Tea Party

On Wednesday of this week I popped into the Alchemist on New York Street to sample some of their amazing cocktails.

We were first treated to a sharer cocktail, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Initially I was a little dubious as to what to expect as whilst I liked all the flavours, the fact it is served warm threw me off a bit!

Our showman bartender came over with what can only be described as a GCSE Chemistry Set, with accompanying miniature Bunsen burner. Our cocktail was heated, the liquid then moves into the top half of the equipment to infuse with the fruits. Once the heat is removed, the liquid then moves back down into the mixing jar, transformed into a fruity potion, then poured over dry ice to produce the mystical smoky effect.

After such a painstaking mixing process, I was excited to give it a taste and oh my sweet lord it was amazing!

First things first, it's not warm as in hot. It is room temperature and actually really does work very well. I genuinely don't think I would have liked it if it was cold.

Next up for me was the Solero cocktail which as the name suggests is like an alcoholic alternative to the summer ice creams. Clare had a Screwball informs me it was also delightful.

Before coming to the Alchemist on NYS, I had only ever been to the one in Spinningfields and that was years ago. It really is stunning inside with lots of fairylights (which we all know I am drawn to like a moth to a flame) and feels really cool and high end.

I would highly recommend a visit as it is a location that is suitable for any occasion. Intimate and relaxed for date night, fun and full of men in suits if you and your gal pals fancy drinks and dinner, but also comfortable and quirky for dinner with the parents or clients.

Thank you so much for the invite, I will definitely be back!

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