Earlier this year I turned 30 and with that pivotal turning of age(!), I have to say I did feel a bit different!

Luckily, (sorry if I sound smug) I think I look quite young, but my interests and general perception of things have definitely matured a little.

In terms of blogging, I have thought to myself on multiple occasions, am I too old to be doing this? But then I remember that BeyoncĂ© would never accept such rubbish and I shouldn't either. I love blogging, it is my passion and I have things I want to talk about.

That said, I must admit my tolerance to certain blogger behaviours is low, in particular (I have mentioned this before) the use of social media to start a very targeted and public spat with other bloggers. I have been shocked at some of the blatant bullying I have witnessed, both directly and indirectly and I just get tired of reading it. Totally appreciate if someone has done something to upset you, you have every right to challenge that behaviour, but do it offline, in a private way. Making it public means that everyone gets involved and it just becomes a virtual version of Mean Girls!

I feel like I am making a bit of a blogging transformation where hopefully my content should appeal to a wider range of ages, backgrounds and budgets. When Hayley (London Beauty Queen) originally tweeted about who was blogging and 30 years of age or older, I genuinely thought we would be few and far between. I am delighted to say there are really a lot of us and I think we are a blogging force to be reckoned with!

It is so nice to meet a group of similar aged, individuals with similar interests to me. I enjoy reading all types of posts, but as my career and life progresses, it's just as nice to read about bargainous beauty buys, alongside how to plan a baby shower or an expensive restaurant review.

I am really excited to be a part of a slightly older, technologically savvy, creative group and I think we will be an interesting platform for brands to collaborate with. As the digital revolution continues, I intend to be front and centre and enjoy all the amazing opportunities my blog pushes my way.

If you are 30 or above then get involved! Check out the website or twitter #30plusblogs chat and say Hi!

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