The Color Run in MANCHESTER!

On Saturday 5th July I took part in Manchester's Color Run, where 10,000 participants made their way around the track and were covered in head to toe with different coloured paint powders!

I headed over to the Etihad Campus bright and early, collected my official run pack and got warmed up with the crowds!

At each kilometre, participants were covered in powder explosions before DJs and MCs entertained the crowd at the Colour Festival in an incredible party atmosphere of music and colour bursts.

Known as the happiest 5k on the planet, The Color Run has no official times or winners. The focus is on healthiness, friendship and community spirit. I wasn't really sure what to expect with the Color Run, but I had the most amazing time and was really pleased that I managed to complete the run in approximately 40 minutes.

Following the success of the Manchester event, The Color Run will soon visit Sunderland (July 20th), Birmingham (August 16th), Belfast (August 23rd) and Brighton (September 20th).

Pictures from the day are available on the UK Facebook page at, on twitter by following @TheColorRunUK and on Instagram by following @thecolorrungbr. Join in the chat using #ColourMeHappy and #Happiest5k.

I will definitely be taking part next year, who's in?!

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