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Firmoo Glasses*
Today's post is all about my lovely new glasses from Firmoo! The folk over at Firmoo offered me a pair of glasses to try and I have to say I am SO impressed with the service!

I must admit that at first I thought, how on earth am I going to be able to get glasses off the internet when there are so many numbers and a prescription involved? But I could not have been more wrong.

The ordering process is really great. You can upload a selfie to help you select a pair (which I will be honest was so fun to virtually try on several pairs of specs) and then you just enter your prescription information and provide a PD (Pupillary Distance) figure which is basically a measurement from the centre of your eye to the centre of your other eye to ensure that the prescription element is produced correctly.

I really like the 'geek' style glasses at the moment so I settled on these lovely brown pair and I love them. They are perfect for me and arrived in mega quick time, were high quality and I am generally really very happy with the whole process.

In terms of cost, the glasses were approximately £60 and I think they are worth every penny!

I normally have my eye testing done at Specsavers so I just called them to get my prescription over the phone - it was really very simple to get the information and then input it onto my Firmoo order. I thought the instructions were really clear in terms of all the options available and extras you can add.

If you need new glasses or sunglasses then I really would strongly recommend you take a look at Firmoo!

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