Meet the Makers @Selfridges Trafford

Selfridges Meet The Makers
This  summer, Selfridges will play host to an eight-­week celebration of the nation’s favourite foodie artisans. The focus will be on the tastemakers, who define our food experiences, the way we farm, challenging our perceptions of art in food, but above all to showcase the best talent in food and drink throughout Selfridges.

Customers can experience foodie demos, in-­store sampling and events from tantalising cooking demonstrations with  top chefs to walking tours of the food hall.   

Meet  the  Local  Suppliers
Selfridges are proud to  support local suppliers showcasing some of the regions finest gastronomic talent alongside the world’s most famous culinary brands. 

The  Lancashire  Cheesecake  Company 
Using produce from the North West, the Lancashire Cheesecake Company is an independent producer in handmade cheesecake with creations ranging from traditional desserts to innovative flavours.

Fiddlers  Lancashire  Crisps
Using potatoes grown on their family farm, hand cooked in their own kitchens, Fiddlers create a range of crisps enhanced with the traditional flavours of Lancashire.

Meet  the  Sushi  Makers
Yo Sushi Maki Making and Sampling (Tues 15th/22nd July: 3pm-­5pm) 
Learn how to make Yo Sushi’s delicious rice rolls.
Yo Sushi Masterclass (Tues 29th July/31st July/19th Aug/26th  Aug: 12pm-­2pm/3pm-­5pm/6pm-­8pm) 
From maki to handrolls, learn from the pros how to make some of Yo Sushi’s authentic Japanese dishes. 

Meet  the  Chocolatiers
Prestat Chocolate (Wednesday 13th August: 12pm-­2pm) 
A favourite of the Royal Family, Prestat’s luxury chocolates not only taste divine but come with a fascinating history. Join their chocolatiers for a tasting and Q&A. 

Lindt (Friday 15th August 12pm-­2pm)
Join Lindt’s expert chocolatiers for tasting sessions and pairings with coffee and wine. 

Cocoba Chocolate (Saturday 16th August: 12pm-­2pm) 
Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, Cocoba’s hot chocolate is made by melting real Belgian chocolate.  Their experts will be at Selfridges for a special tasting session.

Meet the Dessert Masters
Meringue Masterclass (Thursday 17th July 12pm-­4pm) 
Join the Little Round Cake Company for a lesson on creating mouthwatering creations with their delicious meringues. 

L’Amandier Macaron Making Masterclass (Friday 18th July 12pm-­4pm) 
From their independent bakery in the East Midlands L’Amandier bring a touch of France to the UK. Join them at Selfridges for a lesson in making tasty macarons.  

Top your own Cheesecake (Sat 19th  July: 12pm-­5pm/Tues 5th August: 12pm-­5pm/Sat 9th August: 12pm-­5pm) £2.99. 
Join the Lancashire Cheesecake Company in a tasty workshop perfect for grown ups and kids. With a large  variety of toppings you can personalise your very own cheesecake. There will also be a blindfold taste test using some unusual flavours and a competition to design a new limited edition flavour to be featured  in‐store.

Meet the Coffee Roaster
Black Circle Coffee (Sat 12 August: 12pm-­2pm/3pm-5pm) 
Sample  the  finest  coffee  flavours   

Meet the Mixologist
U’Luvka Vodka (Thurs 24th July: 4pm-­8pm)
Inspired by Poland’s love of Vodka, U’Luvka’s  master mixologists will be in store to teach you how to mix the perfect drinks.   

Gin (Saturday 26th July: 12pm-­5pm)
A not to miss experience for gin lovers. Join Sipsmith, Lighthouse, Lantons and Sacred for an afternoon of gin tasting and master classes. 

Booking  is  not  required  for  events  however  arriving  early  is  advised  to  avoid  disappointment.   

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