Festival Hair with House of Fraser

Angel Hair Scent Spray // Aveda Dry Shampoo
House of Fraser have an abundance of  Hair and Beauty products so today's post is talking how I would style up my hair for a festival, when hair washing facilities are limited, but looking less than my best isn't an option! I have selected my 'must have' hair products from House of Fraser and how I would style my hair.

Festival Hair styling for me has to include texture! If you go to a Festival with straight locks then as the weather and grease take over you will go home with hair that is stuck to your head if it is anything like mine!

I would curl my hair ahead of going, and give it a really good wash before my arrival. Backcombing can help disguise greasy roots so a considerable amount of backcombing would be added in! As the days pass during the festival, I would add some dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and a braided hair band to hide the roots! You can also spritz a hair scent in just to freshen up and then you can concentrate on having a great time!

What are your festival hair essentials?

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