#BloominGirls Festival in Manchester!

Yesterday I headed down to Manchester Academy partake in the Bloomin Girls one day festival!

Aimed at 14-18 year olds (so I felt a wee bit old whilst I was there!) the event was designed to show girls how you can get involved in sport and also incorporate fashion and beauty at the same time.

With some pretty big sponsors such as Boohoo, Batiste and MUA Makeup the ladies were tasked with taking part in mini sports sessions and then earning their beauty reward. Now, as much as I am a gym lover, it has been a LONG time since I have handled a hockey stick or dribbled a football, but I too got involved to get the full Bloomin Girls experience!

It was alot of fun, and in a non competitive environment, showed girls that it's all about getting stuck in and being active. Many young ladies are put off participating in sport at schools as quite often if you aren't quite at the level where you are on the school team, you are almost left to fend for yourself! I hated games lessons at school as it was a way to be excluded and it was really nice to see sport being promoted in such an inclusive way.

I had my hair waved as my 'reward' for the hockey and football sessions and there were stations to get your makeup or nails done, along with styling advice from Boohoo.

Neon Jungle even got involved in the sports sessions and it was great to see a band be such positive role models for their teen fans.

Hopefully there will be lots more Bloomin Girls events up and down the country! It was a great day to be involved with :)

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