Weekend Mini Haul

Zara Bag £29.99, Broadway Real Life Nails - Petite Size £8, Primark Skull Scarf £3
This weekend I had the most blissfully quiet and unplanned couple of days and it was wonderful! Having been on bridesmaid duties the last couple of week's it was nice to not know on Friday night what my plans for the weekend were!

It did made me terribly indecisive about what I should do but I really liked just doing as I fancied!

I went to the cinema on Friday night to see Savages featuring Blake Lively, Benicio Del Toro and Salma Hayek which was really good. It was certainly an eye opener into the drug underworld in the States and at times it was quite gory but I enjoyed the storyline and also admiring how Blake Lively has the most gorgeously beachy hair... and 2 hot boyfriends in it!

Saturday included a jaunt to Manchester to see a friend for a coffee and also a couple of cheeky purchases.. firstly was the Zara Bag as pictured above. It is suede with a long strap with gorgeous beaded embellishment on it.. a steal I thought at £29.99! I have already had lots of compliments and it is literally the most perfect size - for day it fits all the essentials in and then some, and if you didn't over fill it for a night out it is great! I initially went into Zara to look for 'that' mock croc chain handled bag which the blogosphere seems to have gone wild over! Those bad boys are long gone though from the shops.. apparently you can only purchase that style online now (click here).

Next I treated myself to these falsies from Broadway Nails (petite size) from Boots. They were £7.95 and are absolutely perfect for my dinky nails! I always have to trim nails down to size, especially the little ones - but these fit my nails really well, and I only had to cut them down for my middle finger which is a first for me! The thinner white means that they look really natural and I am super impressed with them!

Finally I had a trip to Primark and whilst the store is a mess the new collections are really lovely. There are a few things I will definitely be making a trip back for such as a rather lovely navy duffle coat and some winter bits and pieces! I picked up one of the Alexander McQueen dupe scarves in maroon and black, a high low slouchy top in grey and some knickers which is pretty restrained for me! The scarves I was really impressed with - I have a real Alexander McQueen scarf that I compared it to and really the only difference is the fact it doesn't say Alexander McQueen on it! I really like it so have a feeling it will be worn a lot!

Any exciting purchases you have made this weekend? Tell me all about it!

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