Selfridges: The Beauty Power List


I simply had to share this event with you as I figured most would be as excited about this as I am.. Glamour is one of my favourite magazines and Selfridges is my favourite store to buy my makeup from so an event that combines the two is RIGHT up my street!

I will most likely be a bit loser-ish and will be all excited to see Jo Elvin and Alessandra Steinherr in the flesh, I have read Glamour religiously for years now and I think both Jo and Alessandra have taken Glamour to the next level in terms of content and reader engagement.

I am going to the event at Selfridges Manchester Trafford on Thursday 13th September as a nice little pre-wedding outing before bridesmaids activities formally commence on the Friday with a spray tan, nails appointment and general grooming and calming of the bride!

Now all that is left to decide it what to spend my ten pounds on?!

Are any of you coming to the event?

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