Weekday Wishlist #13

MUA Constellation Beads £3, Different Dimensions Polish in 'On Wednesday's We Wear Pink, Black Score T-Shirt/Vest Totes Jel of My Chanel £35
I have been rather slack on my weekday wishlist's recently and they have been thrown into competition posts rather than enjoying their own separate glory.

I decided that this week I would get back to it and bring back the dedicated wishlist post. This week is a shorty (like meeee) and consists of 3 items.

Firstly we have the MUA Constellation Nail Beads which I am very excited about. They are a dupe of the Ciate sets that are £18 so I was most pleased to see that MUA have been able to bring them to the masses.. having seen the Ciate ones in action at a Selfridges event I love the effect but don't love their prices so much. MUA have introduced 5 colour options of the beads and they are available in store and online. It is such a simple yet pretty way to do nail art - I am 100% going to buy one of these, the only difficulty is what colour?!

Second item on the list is something I saw on Glitta Gloves and was in love.. this polish is divine! 'On Wednesday's We Wear Pink' is a tribute to Mean Girls (love it) and is a semi opaque pink polish with various shades and shapes of pink glitter. This has come from Different Dimensions which is Missy Barry's Etsy Shop. I am not 100% sure if she ships worldwide but if she does I am very tempted to get this! It is quite similar to the Nails Inc Sprinkles collection but I think there are so many beautiful colour options on here and they are CHEAP!

Finally we have the most coveted item on the wishlist. The Black Score LFW T-Shirt/Vest. Black Score handed these out at London Fashion Week, along with others that had 'You Had Me at Prada' and other designer related slogans. I think this is so cool.. tucked into a leather/pleather skater skirt with black tights and heels, would be an amazing outfit! WANT WANT WANT! These are £35 to purchase and come in Ladies or Men's so should fit all shapes and sizes!

What are you wishing for this week? Except for *no more rain* and maybe a canoe to travel anywhere?


  1. I have the MUA one in Leo, love it and soooo easy to do. Well worth £3, and if you buy now you get a free MUA lipgloss. X

  2. I want to have MUA eye shadows in light and natural shades. I prefer these kinds of shades since I need it everyday for office wear. Simple yet classy.


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