Wedding Prep and Pampering!

Today's post will be short and sweet seeing as I am SO busy in the run up to my friend's wedding on Saturday!

I have been in the office only two days this week as I was recovering from the Hen Do in Majorca at the weekend and have numerous pampering activities on Thursday and Friday!

I am thrilled and slightly nervous about being a bridesmaid... luckily there are 7 of us so we have quite a nice group to feel like the eyes aren't just on one person! I need to do a face mask and a hair treatment, get my hair cut, go on a sunbed and have a spray tan all before Saturday morning! (making myself sound so high maintenance there!)

I am currently in the process of writing a post dinner speech which is proving to be quite surreal! I am normally all about the humour and trying to strike the balance of funny, sweet but not cheesy is really hard! Me and one of the other bridesmaids are making the speech so at least I have someone else to lean on. It's making it all so real and I can't believe it's this weekend! It's come around so quickly.

The Hen Do in Majorca was ABSOLUTELY hilarious. I can honestly say I laughed for 4 days straight and really had a fantastic time. The hotel was ahem.. interesting but it was those random occurrences that have contributed to the various stories we have from the weekend!

Due to the bridesmaid duties I have over the next 3 days I probably won't be able to post so much, but expect to hear a lot more from me from next week onwards! I am heading back to Great Yarmouth for work for a few days so I can get lots of content sorted ready for your reading pleasure :o)

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