Weekday Wishlist #2

Model's Own Beth's Blue (You will be mine!), Monki Blue Swing Dress, Monki Lace Skirt, Original Black Crochet Toms and Black Jersey Shirt Dress from Dorothy Perkins
So it's looking like my Weekday Wishlist's are going to become a permanent feature of my blog seeing as I enjoy compiling them so much!

It's also helping me avoid spontaneous and not required purchases.. if I still want the item after a week on the wishlist I figure I may aswell buy it (budget permitting!).

Beth's Blue by Models Own has made it back onto the Wishlist as I MUST HAVE IT! It is looking like the Trafford Centre isn't going to do it as it doesn't have a space in the stand (empty or otherwise) that would indicate it's on it's way or sold out... (sob) so the hunt continues! I am hoping Boots in Manchester will come up trumps or ASOS as I really resent paying for delivery charges and will avoid at all costs!

Monki is a shop I was introduced to by looking at Lily's Blog as she has such lovely clothes so I thought I would have a little look on their website! I am really impressed by their simple pieces so I am thinking these 2 beauts (the blue dress and black lace skirt) need to take up permanent residence in my wardrobe! Like I said in my last post I am currently in an annoying in between phase of weight loss where my old clothes are way too big so I need new stuff but have to be clever about what I buy so that it lasts whilst I am still losing! I love the colour of this dress and it's a shape I know works for me!

The lace skirt from Monki is also lovely. Available in cream too, I would wear this for work or nights out I think it's gorgeous! I love the simplicity of a black skirt like this with a white shirt and black bow-tie.

I saw the crochet Toms on one of the Hairdressers when I was last getting my hair blow dried and they look so nice on! Comfortable but still quite smart.. I am most definitely not a trainers kind of girl so I live in pumps and these look like they would make a most welcome addition to my shoe collection!

Moving onto the Dorothy Perkins dress.. simple yet lovely and a bargain at 18 shiny pounds! It is available in Teal and Charcoal too. I couldn't locate it in any shops as yet (which kinda sucks as I have a student card but it's not NUS and therefore the website won't give me student discount!). I am planning on buying this as I could either wear it for work or I am going to London for a friend's Birthday in July and I am informed the club we are going is 'trendy but casual' (whatever that means!) so I was thinking of customising the collar with some gold studs I purchased from Studs and Punks via Amazon.

If you are thinking of purchasing studs to customise any clothing or accessories I would really recommend Studs and Punks. I got them the day after I ordered them (they send them out the same day if you order by 2pm) and they had a very wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes. I am really impressed with the service I received. I got a pack of 50 studs for a fiver so they aren't expensive and they are easily applied by pushing two anchor prods through the fabric you want to customise and then push the prod back on itself to secure them in position.

I will definitely dedicate a blog post to the finished item once it's done!

Is there anything you are wishing for? :o)

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