MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette can only be described as a "heavenly" addition to your make-up bags ladies! I was originally drawn to MUA after some serious Blogger hype surrounding the Undressed Palette which is due out in stores on the 4th July (available online now). 

When I was looking for an image of the palette on the Superdrug Website I stumbled across this beauty.. Heaven and Earth. Now, without sounding a snob I do tend to find my favourite brands and tend to stick with them as I can rely on the colour density and quality a bit more but I thought for a mere £4 for 12 shadows it would be rude not to try it out.

Verdict..? Absolutely AMAZING. The colours are much more suited to my skin tone to what I think the undressed palette would have been, there are a few similar colours but I don't tend to wear blacks or greys which I why I was more drawn to this palette in particular. The photo doesn't do the shadow colours justice in all honesty and I pretty much use this every day now due to the wearability of the shades. I would definitely recommend people to give this a try! I have read a lot about the upcoming Olympic Palette which looks pretty nice if you wanted something different! 

Have you ever tried something at the recommendation of a Blogger and ended up loving it?

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