My Kettle Bell Hell...

Last week I decided that I wanted to try Kettle Bells and considering they had just launched a class for supposedly 'all levels' at my gym I thought I would give it a go.

Well how naive was I?!

Firstly, never get swept in by the suitable for 'all levels' spiel. They are lying. If you are unfit then realistically 'all levels' is going to feel difficult!

I had high hopes that this class would be a miracle working full body tone, and actually I do believe that it would have been if it hadn't been so hard. Upon entering the class and speaking nervously to a couple of the girls who were stood outside we queued up to get our Kettle Bells as apparently the lower weights ran out quickly! Those in the know ended up with the lighter ones and I ended up with a 6kg weight. I was pretty certain from initially picking the thing up that I was going to find the class hard, and rather stupidly I inadvertently ended up at front of the class which was a fatal error.

The class leader was a personal trainer who did this on the side in all honesty whilst he was great he was also quite vocal about abilities.. at the beginning of the class he asked the newbies to raise their hands and proceeded to point out who he felt 'would be fine' loudly and in front of the class. I was not one of those individuals pointed out. I did think to myself at that point.. 'well if you know I won't be fine then why the hell did you give me a 6kg weight to flail round?!' But anyway he started the class off with the usual warm ups of jogging, jumping, the godamn PLANK which I have never done and press ups which again I can't do!

So after the initial warm up which was pretty tiring in itself he then had us pick up the weights and start with the Kettle Bell movements. All of the movements were fine and easy to manage but with the weight of my Kettle Bell I struggled somewhat... and what made it worse was that the teacher would tell you loudly when you weren't doing it properly.. cue one very embarassed Sally. After what seemed like a life time of throwing this weight around and squatting he made us go into the plank again - pretty damn hard I can assure you!

So basically it went on like this and I got to 35 mins through a 1 hour class and thought to myself I can't actually do this and it's not making me feel very good about myself so rather shamefully I claimed I was getting some water in one of the breaks and didn't go back. I am not proud of this furtive exit to the class but desperate times called for desperate measures!

I do feel like Kettle Bells is a very effective work out (I could barely move for 2 days afterwards!) and I have bought a 3kg one off Amazon to try at home but I will most definitely not be going back to that class!


  1. I would like to buy some to try at home, not sure if I would do the class either!

  2. You should go for it! I bought mine from Amazon for £9 with free delivery! It's really good :o)


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