Elegant Touch Coral Polished Nails

Elegant Touch Polished Coral Nails
I'm off to a Beauty and Underwear Evening tonight at Doll Faces in Wilmslow featuring Undies and Swimwear from Sexy Smalls. As I am well aware that the guestlist is likely to include some very glam gals I gave myself a speedy manicure last night in the form of the ready polished falsies by Elegant Touch (available at Superdrug, Boots, Tesco and most other beauty outlets/supermarkets).

I picked the coral ones as they will go with my dress for a ball I am going to tomorrow night! I am super impressed with them, they were really very easy to apply and more importantly look natural. 

I have really, I mean REALLY small nails underneath these so whilst they might get long they would never look at lovely as this in real life, hence my love of falsies!

I have also included a photo of some french manicured nails from Elegant Touch that I plan to change these coral ones for when I get bored! I would highly recommend the nails as they cost under a tenner and will definitely last at least a week!

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