Weekday Wishlist #1!

Models Own Nail Polish in Beth's Blue, MUA Makeup Palette in Heaven and Earth, Topshop Tall Neon Jumper with Studded Shoulders, Longchamp Animal Print Bag, Jeffrey Campbell for Office Studded Flats
First of all I would like to apologise for my insanely overdue blog post... my university course has now finished and I can dedicate more time to my new passion of blogging! I thought I would get back in the game with a classic 'Weekday Wishlist' post which I see alot on some of my favourite blogs. The top three items may have to be purchased as they are slightly more in my budget but the bottom two items are just so beautiful I had to post about them.

Model's Own in 'Beth's Blue' has had quite alot of Blogger hype due to it's gorgeously pastel hue.. infact on seeing it swatched on several nails, I really don't think this picture from the Model's Own website does the colour justice. It is the most amazingly dense periwinkle blue and quite frankly needs to make it into my polish collection. I don't actually own a colour like this so there is my justification for purchasing.. :o)

I have also probably noticed MUA as a brand rather late. I am a creature of habit, find my faves and then tend to stick with them unless I am bought a makeup item as a gift. I noticed this lovely palette when I was actually hunting for an image of their new 'Undressed' palette which is available now online and instore early July from what I have read. This little beauty (MUA Heaven and Earth Palette) however is available now for an astonishingly low price of £4. These colours are much more likely to be used on my skintone so I am thinking this is another item I just may need to purchase! I've never used MUA products before so I will do a review post once I get this gem in my hands!

I have never been a huge fan of super bright colours on clothes.. possibly due to the fact that as someone who has been a little weight conscious over the years and stuck to my trusty slimming black.. I have never braved a bright! Having now been following the Weight Watchers plan for a few months now and feeling much better in myself, I am ALL over the gorgeous colours that have been on the catwalks and on the high street. I would never normally pick something yellow but there is something so gorgeous and summery about this jumper I don't think I can resist it! Studs and embellishment are a massive love of mine so this combines an old with a new favourite! This is from the Tall Range at Topshop so I am hoping it is a good length on me to wear with my trusty leggings.

The bag is something I have coveted for a while, I uploaded a post a while ago that showed the contents of my bag and that was a rather sorry looking (but staple item in the wardrobe) brown Longchamp Bag. I think they are perfect for day use (and weirdly popular in London and getting more popular in Manchester) as they literally fit so much in and are smart for work. This however has the most beautiful animal print on it and is far more exciting than my current one! The only concern I would have is that as it has a white background colour I can imagine the general annoyance and devastation if I got it dirty, which is a very real possibility given that I can be extremely clumsy.

The piece de resistance is the Jeffrey Campbell for Office Studded Flats. I absolutely ADORE them. I had a sneaky try on of them in the Office store and these need to be in my life. However at £105 they are not a purchase that I could make willy nilly.. I would get 10% off with my student discount (see me trying to justify it to myself) which would make them £94.50 but even still they are still very expensive! Hmm I wonder if mummy dearest would like to make a donation to the Sally's Shoe Fund? I will keep you posted!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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