Monday, 29 April 2013

#MyFirstBikini Scores on the Doors 5 Weeks in..

Last Friday saw my second measurements session with Chris and I am so pleased that I have now lost 11 inches off my total body measurements!
We did the usual caliper measurements and measuring tape to keep it consistent and it's been really good as we are starting to get an idea of what works for me and what doesn't.
Apparently it was hard to separate my fat and muscle for one of the measurements so Chris has recommended I do a detox to rid my body of any toxins that might be lurking which should kick start fat cells to release their stores. It's all a bit technical to me to be honest - but I have purchased a ten day course of detox capsules so hopefully they will do their thing and kick start some miracle working fat shedding!
We have also identified that my tipple of choice - dark rum may not agree with me either *sob sob* so I am cutting that out for now as well as dried fruit (as I had had some raisins too that might not agree with me) and we will see if that has an effect on the measurements next time! Instead of rum I can have flavoured vodka/gin with slimline mixer or red wine so I will try and stick with that for now and see what happens...
I also went to Chris' Fat Blast Circuit Training on Saturday morning at 10am. Now, longer term readers will remember my foray into gym classes and my furtive exit from the Kettlebells class last year so I did go to this class feeling rather apprehensive. Chris assured me I should be ok so I figured I would go along and see how I got on.
You will be pleased to know that I finished the class and that was a achievement in itself for me and whilst it was hard work I am really happy I went. I will definitely go back too and I am hoping this speeds up my weightloss as Marbs has been brought forward by 2 weeks! YIKES!
The class definitely was difficult and I can't lie and say I didn't want to leave after about 10 minutes but I persevered and kept at it as best I could! I had to have a lie down when I got home and I am still aching but I think it is definitely worth it! :o)
If anyone lives in the Manchester/Cheshire area and fancies giving the circuits a go, they are on most nights and 10am on a Saturday. They are £6 and are open to non-members.
If you are interested in starting a fitness programme then contact Chris or Antony from Elite Performance Gym, contact details are as follows;
Tel: 07738 832271
Twitter: @coach_mainer
Tel:  07930 875 851
Twitter: @elitegymsk3

Thursday, 25 April 2013

#MCRFW Blogger Box 2

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Manchester Fashion Week Blogger Meet and the lovely people at Manchester Fashion Week very generously gave us our second Blogger Box!

As you can see it was FULL of lovely treats that I am working my way through sampling..

I have held off the Jelly Belly Beans for now as I am not convinced I can explain those away on my 'clean eating' diet but I will save them for a treat day!

I have blogged about lovely Seascape products before and this hand lotion is no exception - gorgeous natural products in sustainably produced packaging - all made in Jersey! Seascape's halo is positively GLEAMING!

I have yet to try the fake tan as let's face it it's been far too cold to bare any flesh in the past few weeks so once we get a glimmer of sunshine then I shall be slapping this right on - always exciting to add another tan to my tanning shelf. Yes I have a shelf of tanning products. Whoops.

We were also treated to a facial(!) and a yummy drink from Firefly - spoilt much?!

As you probably know, Manchester Fashion Week has been postponed whilst a new venue is found. As soon as the new dates and venue are confirmed I will let you know, I am really looking forward to it and happy to support such a great event. All I will say is, don't believe everything you read in the media about MCRFW and get ready to experience the best fashion week yet! :o)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

#MyFirstBikini - Meet my Trainer: @Coach_Mainer

Unique Physique Personal Training @ Elite Performance Fitness
I thought as a part of my documenting the #MyFirstBikini process I should introduce you all to my Personal Trainer, Chris!

Chris trains his personal training clients at Elite Performance Gym in Stockport, Cheshire. He has been helping me with my weightloss goals, listening to me whinge when he makes me lift heavier weights, given me invaluable diet advice and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to make a change to their weight/fitness etc.

I had always said I would never have a personal trainer or go to a boot camp as I HATE the thought of being shouted at and being made to feel like I am a laughing stock.

Whilst we obviously laugh at the fact that I am seriously clumsy and have two left feet more often than not, I don't get made to feel silly (and if I do, it's normally when it's my own fault) and I genuinely now have faith in myself that nothing is unachievable!

In my role as 'journalist', I asked Chris a series of questions and here are his responses;

Vital Stats?
Age: 31
Qualifications: Level 2 Gym Instructor, Gym Boxing, Spin, Exercise to Music, Sports Nutrition, General Nutrition, and Level 3 Personal Trainer.

I’m coming up on 3 years as a Personal Trainer and  I studied for this with The Training Room. I also have a Diploma in Sports Science.

What made you decide on a career in personal training?
I’ve always enjoyed helping people; my two career choices for many years had been Fire Fighter or Personal Trainer; something where I could make a positive impact to people lives and make a difference – as cliche as that might sound.

What has been your best career achievement to date?
This would definitely be with John Cunliffe.  Before coming to me in January 2011 he has suffered with extreme stress and depression for which he’d been hospitalised for a large portion of the 10 years prior to starting Personal Training. There’s actually a really nice testimonial from him on my website.

By working together so closely we were able to have his many medications reduced, along with guiding him towards his weight loss goals. There was something he said to me that I’ll never forget and that was on his 50th birthday he told me that I’d helped change his life in such a massive way, that this particular birthday was the first one he’d spent out of hospital in 8 years. Making such an impact to someone makes what I do more worth while than I think I can express.

What are the top 3 diet tips you can think of that are a quick win?
I’d call these more nutrition tips than anything else, but here they are:
  1. Reduce & remove any processed, high sugar foods.
  2. Eat Protein with each meal.
  3. Never starve yourself. (reduced calories = reduced metabolism = reduced fat loss)
What is your favourite inspirational quote?
This is a tough one as I’m a big lover of inspirational quotes, but this one always stands out
“What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What are your dieting pet peeves?
Calorie counting is a big one. While this does result in some ‘weight’ loss, it’s likely that this will be from water and muscle tissue as opposed to fat. I’m all about healthy eating, full stop.

What are the most common misconceptions about training?
That cardio is the best form of exercise for losing fat is a big one, which is not the case at all. 

Another one I’ve come across many times is that women won’t do any resistance (weight) training, as they feel they will get big and bulky. Something else that is untrue. Increasing lean muscle tissue is one of the best and most effective ways of raising your metabolism and fat burning potential.

Why do you think you are a good personal trainer?
I believe 100% in educating all of my clients to be able to make the right choices, be that in exercise or nutrition, and even to setting goals for themselves. I see no use giving loads of information to people for them to blindly follow. I believe it’s my job to be a teacher as well as a trainer.

Getting great results with all my clients, whatever their goals are, is something I pride myself in, and also demand from myself and my clients.

What makes a good personal training client?
Someone who is passionate about making positive changes to their lives; along also the willingness to work hard to get what they want, in both the short term and long term.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
I don’t think I can say any single person has been an inspiration to me, but anyone who has struggled through an aspect of their lives, and come out the other side stronger, is inspiring. My clients all do inspire me as well, in their own ways.

If you could have taken part in London 2012, what activity would you have done and why?
I used to swim in competitions when I was younger, so I’d have to say that for sure.

What is your favourite exercise to do?
My favourite exercise is Deadlifting, I have my own goals for the end of this year for that, which is increasing my ‘1 rep maximum’ lift up to 200kg.

What do you find the hardest about what you do?
I think the sometimes short periods of time I get to spend with my clients can be difficult, in an education sense as I find this such a massive aspect of what I do.

Using no names, (PT/Client Confidentiality!!) What has been the funniest personal training session you have had?
I’ve trained a couple of comedians, so they certainly had their entertaining moments, just joke after joke….I’ve got a silly sense of humour so that probably made them much funnier.

I read on your website that you are qualified at NLP - tell us what it is and how you use it?
Easiest way to explain this is that I use it when I’m doing my goal setting sessions with my clients.

It’s given me an understanding of how to ask the right questions in the right way to get to the root of why people want to make changes to their lives. This has also helped me in my own goal setting.

I have my next measurements session on Friday (how has that come around so quick?!) where I will be able to further back up the fact that what Chris is doing really does work!

I go for training twice per week and actually quite enjoy it - perhaps not so much during the measurements but it's a necessary evil... haha.

If you want to have a chat with Chris about what he can do for you, then he can be contacted in the following ways;

Tel: 07738 832271

You can also find Chris on Twitter, his name is @coach_mainer - just don't expect anything really funny though.... (sorry Chris!!!) :o)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Pretty Little Thing - Blogger Event

Just over a week ago I was kindly invited to attend the Pretty Little Thing Bloggers Lunch at Rosso Restaurant in Manchester.

Bloggers from the North West were treated to a gorgeous lunch and were also able to take a look at Pretty Little Thing's newest collections that will launch soon on the Pretty Little Thing Website.

Firstly I just want to make a point of saying how incredibly welcoming PLT and Rosso were and what a great event it was. These events never come cheap and I felt very honoured to be invited - PLT were incredibly generous to host such an event for us all and I am really grateful to have been spoilt!

What struck me about the new collections are that I really feel like there was something for everyone. I know sometimes designers and brands can jump on a trend bandwagon and if it's not something you are particularly into it can feel like there's nothing out there to get excited about! We saw collections that made use of the ever-popular neon colours, sports-luxe wear, and then my personal fave - florals. I have some great pics to show you once I can get them off my camera - really sweet pieces that will be perfect for now with black tights but also a summer staple when we can finally crack the sandals out of hibernation!

The accessories (some pictured above) were amazing and there is the most amazing gold and neon collar necklaces that I think are a fab way to make neon a little more wearable if you don't fancy braving a neon item of clothing!

Us Bloggers were also able to pick a treat from Pretty Little Thing (I know - so spoilt!) and I selected a gorgeous sparkly knitted top so again as soon as I can get my pics sorted I will show it off!

Once again it was lovely to meet up with some lovely northern Blogger ladies and thank you so much to Pretty Little Thing for a really great afternoon! :o)

**Updated with my images**


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

#WorldwideWardrobe: Clubbing in Ibiza

Time for my second stab at winning a holiday and new outfit courtesy of Travel Supermarket's #WorldwideWardrobe Blogger Competition!

Today I am looking at Clubbing in Ibiza, this beach holiday takes glam to a whole new level and a pair of shorts and flip flops will simply not do for some of the super clubs!

I have centred my look around a nude beaded flowing kaftan/mini dress from ASOS. Looking fabulous with a tan and beachy waves, I have paired this dress with a contrasting pattern with the leopard print espadrilles and a pop of pretty coral with the clutch bag and floral anklet. The heart earrings will look pretty and simple against the look of the outfit all together!

Now all that is left to do is find the best place to hunt out the sunset and the best cocktails on the Island.. fingers crossed I get picked!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

#WorldwideWardrobe: Cocktails in NYC

I love nothing more than a competition that will take me out of the grey skies of Manchester and somewhere a little more exciting, so when I heard about Travel Supermarket's most recent Blogger Competition via Milkteef I was clamouring to get involved and potentially get myself outta here and on a plane!

The aim of the game is to select an outfit plus accessories on a budget of £200 for an activity in each of the below locations and the Bloggers who create the best outfits will win not only their outfit of choice but a trip to the destination to put the outfit to good use!
  • Sightseeing in Paris
  • Clubbing in Ibiza
  • Shopping in London
  • Cocktails in New York
  • Partying at a Full Moon party in Thailand
My first competition entry is for Cocktails in New York! Manhattanites are some of the most glam guys and gals across the globe, so my look is a classic LBD and bringing in some of this seasons neon accessories.

The dress is a little silk number from Topshop Boutique that will be nice and cool in the City heat and is a perfect backdrop to let the neon accessories take centre stage! A cut-out detailed clutch bag from Pretty Little Thing is perfect to house all the essentials, and this fabulous coral bib necklace from ASOS will look stunning with a perfect park avenue style blow dry and polished makeup.

Finally we move on to the shoes. Oh those BEAUTIFUL shoes from Office. Monochrome and lime loveliness all in one amazing package - these shoes will accentuate the pins and show off a great pedicure!

So there you have it! Please pick me as a #WorldwideWardrobe Winner :o)

Monday, 15 April 2013

The Bikini Diaries...

Image Taken from
Looking outside and seeing how NOT sunny it is (what happened to this supposed heat wave that was due?!) means that the thought of sunshine and a holiday feels like it is a long way off.

My #MyFirstBikini Challenge is still at the forefront of my mind and I am so determined to do this and get myself to where I want to be. As I have always promised, I am not going to sugar coat my story along the way and it really is quite hard. Especially when hungover and feeling sorry for yourself (that pretty much sums up yesterday for you).

On Friday we did my first measurements session after 'eating clean' and I was genuinely pleased with the results! I had hoped that I would find the measuring up less embarrassing than last time but no, still pretty awkward when you are lay on the floor and having your flabbiest bits pinched. But oh well, at least numbers are going in the right direction!

So here are the scores on the doors;

Body Fat: Down by 5% (which means I have lost 12lbs of fat)

Chest: Down by 2cms
Waist: Down by 4cms
Belly Button: Down by 3cms
Hips: Down by 0.6cms
Left Arm: Down by 1.2cms
Right Arm: Down by 1.5cms
Left Thigh: Down by 0.9cms
Right Thigh: Down by 2.6cms
Left Calf: Down by 0.6cms
Right Calf: Down by 0.4cms

Total: 16.8cms / 6.6 inches

I find it all really interesting and I'm not going to lie - I feel much better in myself, clothes that didn't fit so well now fit me and just in general I am SO happy I have started this. I didn't have much confidence in my exercise capabilities and I shock myself when I can do certain things in my training sessions with Chris (the balance and me being clumsy are still an issue however) so if anyone is on the brink of deciding that the time is now - I would genuinely say do it. The key definitely is to find the right trainer and what works for you!

This week I am back on the straight and narrow after a few too many drinks on Saturday night as I want another good result in 2 weeks time! Let's hope my left thigh catches up with my right thigh loss though otherwise I am going to end up with one shrimpy leg?!


Friday, 12 April 2013

Review: Blanx White Shock Toothpaste


Here's another little something I received in my #NORTHMEETUP goodie bag that I was super excited to review. Introducing Blanx White Shock Toothpaste! Tahh-dahhh!

I am a sucker for a whitening toothpaste as I am on a quest for A-Lister style white teeth and I am always left disappointed after using the various ones in the market, until now.

This toothpaste is incredible. The concept is quite simple, the toothpaste has a whitening agent in it (which is non-abrasive, not bleach/peroxide or anything harmful/corrosive) called Actilux which is activated when the toothpaste travels past the LED light in the nozzle. This then works on your teeth to break down any stains and bacteria leaving you with whiter teeth.

You can also use the light on the end of the toothpaste tube to boost the formula whilst on your teeth by holding the light in front of your mouth for 1 minute everyday. I have tried this for the last two days and I can honestly say it has made a dramatic difference with how white my teeth are - I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

I bet you are thinking 'hmm what's the catch, is it really expensive?' and the answer to that is- no it's not overly expensive. The toothpaste including the LED light is £7.50 and can be purchased from Feel Unique (there are plans to get it in the highstreet drugstores but for now you can get it online) but there is also an option to buy the toothpaste for £4.99 without the LED from Feel Unique too.

Blanx estimate that the LED light end piece will last for approximately 5 tubes of toothpaste so there is no need to buy the £7.50 version each time, which I think is great - I will 100% repurchase this as I think it is a fantastic product which is really unique in the marketplace!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Review: Elemis Fresh Skin Exfoliator

I received some Elemis Fresh Skin Skin Glow Exfoliator in my #NORTHMEETUP Goodie Bag (Thanks Em!) and was instantly excited to try it as I have heard really good things about Elemis' Fresh Skin range.

I am admittedly not within the target age range for this product (it seems to be aimed more at teens and early 20's than my ripe old age of 28) but what I do still have is teenagery temperamental skin that needs attention.

I love the brightly coloured packaging and the smell of this stuff is divine. I normally have a love/hate relationship with exfoliator as whilst my skin does need it, I hate using gritty things on my face which gets a little sensitive at times.

This exfoliator which I am informed has jojoba beads, cherry powder and is enriched with mandarin and aniseed, really does soften the skin and has left me with a nicely refreshed and visibly brightened face this morning. It isn't overly gritty and I felt it removed the dead skin cells and grime without feeling like sandpaper to the face!

It retails for £12 and can be purchased from Superdrug which I think is a fantastic price point for the quality of the product!

Thumbs up all round :o)

The Manchester Bridal Show - This Weekend!

We all know I've had my fair share of weddings over the past year!

There's nothing quite like the whirlwind of excitement in the build up to your special day…whether it’s the search for the dress, selecting delicious food options or deciding on those last minute beauty treatments…

But it’s time for brides-to-be to relax and have some fun - as The Manchester Bridal Show is set to arrive at Corn Exchange to help handle all those wedding planning details.

Exhibitors include everything a girl could want – from amazing wedding dress designers to beautiful venue ideas and hen party options. Plus, plenty for those wanting a unique touch – with exhibitors such as Glacial Art Sculptors on display.

On both the Saturday and Sunday there will be great live entertainment, catwalk shows plus a goody bag for brides-to-be.

What’s more, Salvi’s Deli will have a pop-up prosecco bar on the lower ground floor and Pizza Express are offering 20% off your food bill when you quote ‘Wedding Show’ on that weekend.

If you fancy a lovely day out with the hubby to be, the bridesmaids or mother of the bride then head down to the Corn Exchange this weekend!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ammunition as Accessories

Today's post brings you some weird and wonderful (and I think very cool) jewellery from Love Bullets. The brand transforms negative weapons of destruction into positive works of art, jewellery and fashion accessories.

The #CRYSTALPOWER line features stand-out pendants and head pieces that double as necklaces or wrap-around bracelets, fashioned from dissected bullet casing embellished with raw uncut gemstones, which are suspended on a silver rope chain.

Available in amethyst, smokey quartz, Arkansas quartz, citrine, tourmaline and green or blue kyanite set in a brass or silver cartridge, the #CRYSTALPOWER collection uses the healing energy of crystals to invert the tough-edged aesthetic of bullet jewellery.

LOVEBULLETS is currently collaborating with international charitable organization WAR CHILD. In support its inspirational work with children in war torn areas, a percentage of the proceeds of all products sold via the website are donated to this cause.

I absolutely love how unique this brand is - the pendants are perfect for the summer/festival season and are stocked at ASOS, My Flash Trash, Urban Outfitters, The Village Bicycle and Chemical Records.

What do you think? Would you wear a re-fashioned bullet as an accessory?

Monday, 8 April 2013


It's been a busy few days for me, still moving stuff over from Mum's house to the new pad, getting my hair darkened, out for a girl's night on sat night and the North Meet Up on Sunday!

When I went to the hairdressers (Jane Alexandra in Cheadle, Cheshire FYI) my hairdresser Aly was telling me all about her new sideline with one of the other ladies called Wags Bags where they can source Designer Style bags. I have been DROOLING over a tan Chanel quilted number for about 100 years so I am hoping to be able to get hold of one :o) Aly and Maria can host bag parties in the comfort of your home so if anyone is interested just let me know and I will pass the details on!

I had my personal training session on Friday night with Chris which was good fun as usual. I NEVER thought I would actually enjoy exercise like I have been doing at all and I still have my gorgeous Freya Bikini hung up at home so I can keep on the straight and narrow. Got another session tonight so hopefully will be making a dent in shifting some of my weight!

The North Meet Up was so much fun, always slightly awkward at first when you wander around until someone gives you a way into a conversation but everyone got talking and I had a lovely afternoon. We had talks from the gorgeous Natalie at Skin Solutions who have brought us Xen Tan and Glam Glow, Keil from Arbonne and also a rep from Blanx telling us all about an amazing new tooth paste! Em Sheldon did a stellar job of pulling it all together, I can't wait to try out some of the goodies we were given!

Couldn't resist this phone cover from Etsy as I LOVED Mean Girls! My phone is often full of gossip, much like my hair which is so big as it's filled with secrets ;o) I now really want to watch the movie but I can't find the DVD for the life of me!

I will try and keep posting over the next few days but they will be a little restricted on pics as we still don't have wi-fi at the flat **hyperventilates**. For now I will just ponder the question.. is butter a carb?!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Style Crush: Blair Waldorf

Last night I watched some Gossip Girl and relived my love for Miss Waldorf's style... I love her romantic approach to dressing and how she pairs little dresses with the all important hair band.

Leighton Meester's character is typical Park Avenue princess, an expensive polished taste with a high fashion slant. The lady-like trends out there at the moment lend themselves perfectly to dressing a la Waldorf. She shares my love for all things Parisian and girlie - I would literally kill for a wardrobe like hers!

Blair's wardrobe staples include;
  • Chanel style Boucle Jacket for throwing over those pretty dresses.
  • Designer/designer style handbag for throwing the essentials in, including the mobile phone where all gossip comes streaming through on social media!
  • The Hairband - I have never seen a character with a collection quite like it!
  • Clashing colours and prints, colour blocking, different textures...
  • Accessories - jewels from the family vault, colour pop tights, hats, glove, belts...
  • Shoes, glorious shoes...
If only my day's were more suited to frolicking around in a pretty dress into the arms of a certain Mr Bass... :o)


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Flossy & Leigh Makeup Company

A bit of a different post from me today as it's based on Wedding Makeup and more specifically a wonderful duo I have recently had the pleasure of being made-over by!

My BFF from School selected Flossy and Leigh to be her wedding makeup artists following seeing some of their work on another girl we went to school with. She booked in her trial and sang the praises of them to me and we all got excited about how we would look on her big day.

Flossy and Leigh is the brainchild of Pheobe and Amy who met whilst learning the fine art of airbrush makeup. Both Pheobe and Amy came along on the morning of Lauren's Wedding to help transform us into K-Mid Style Bride and Old Hollywood Glam Bridesmaids, along with creating the perfect Mother of the Bride and Groom looks.

From the early start to finish, I have to say that it was a genuine pleasure to be in Pheobe and Amy's company. They were fun, friendly and I think calmed us all down so that the morning was a really lovely experience. They knew EXACTLY how to achieve the looks we all wanted and I think the end look was amazing. They did both our hair and makeup perfectly and I know Lauren was delighted with the whole service. Plus that makeup stayed perfect all day which is a massive bonus in itself!

I would not hesitate to recommend Flossy and Leigh and when my time comes around I would 100% want them to look after my makeup requirements!

Here are a few snaps of the day taken by the very talented Tobiah Tayo.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

#MyFirstBikini Session 2



Sorry for the going quiet over the bank holiday - much as I would have LOVED to catch up on my Blogging, the new flat has no wifi.. *sob* and I have been therefore unable to post! Plus I have been super busy getting settled in there!

I had my second session with Chris on Friday where we went through my goals (which I found surprisingly hard?) and had a workout.

I was DELIGHTED to see when I weighed myself that I have lost 8lbs since being weighed that first time - I was particularly chuffed as I hadn't really felt much different so seeing that kind of loss is precisely what I need to make me feel better about the diet, which has been pretty hard.

In the first two weeks, I have to cut out dairy, sugar and carbs, so no fruit AT ALL, no brews apart from herbal tea and basically nothing fun to eat and no easter eggs... it's been hard but more mentally than physically. I haven't really been hungry as such it's more a case of getting my head round eating for energy and to keep my body going rather than for enjoyment. I have quite alot of choice as to what I can eat, but the sugar withdrawal gives you a bit of a headache which no one really enjoys!

In my goal setting session I really struggled to put into words what I want to achieve. I am normally so ambitious and up for a challenge but I guess with this it is a completely unknown entity as I have never tried anything like this and don't really know what to expect. I have always thought I lose weight really slowly based on past performance and I suppose I was reluctant to put numbers on it incase my body let me down! Hence the complete joy when I saw such a big loss in my first week!

Me and Chris also had a chat about some common misconceptions such as working towards weight as a number and BMI. I had previously been advised I should lose a certain amount to be at the top end of healthy BMI and when I mentioned it to Chris he talked about how BMI isn't an exact science as technically he would be classed as overweight on it - trust me there is nothing overweight about him! It is more reliable to rely on the measurements and how I feel rather than get stuck on the numbers. That was something I do like but equally I enjoy seeing pounds drop off so I think I will still keep weighing myself there just to see it going in the right direction!

Then in terms of the exercise, the activities I did were all possible for me to do (I think it was helped dramatically by my lovely Freya Active Undies pictured above!!) but I think my problem is the stamina. I can do a certain amount fine and kid myself that it is easy and then on the 2nd set I find it quite a bit harder! I suppose this will all kick in once I get going more frequently though. I am going again tonight but this time doing a full hour of exercise - I am quite concerned I won't be able to go for that long! I am certainly going to give it my best shot though...

If you are interested here are my goals;
  1. Golden Goal: Wear My Gorgeous Freya Bikini (as pictured above) in Marbella when I go on 20th July 2013.
  2. Lose 2 Stone and get a glam new dress by my sisters 30th Birthday Party on 15th June 2013.
  3. Lose 1 Stone and fit into a playsuit and dress I have that are currently a bit tight. I'm aiming for this by 30th April 2013.
The thoughts are that if they are on here and I have declared them publically then I won't want to not achieve them :o)
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