#MyFirstBikini Session 2



Sorry for the going quiet over the bank holiday - much as I would have LOVED to catch up on my Blogging, the new flat has no wifi.. *sob* and I have been therefore unable to post! Plus I have been super busy getting settled in there!

I had my second session with Chris on Friday where we went through my goals (which I found surprisingly hard?) and had a workout.

I was DELIGHTED to see when I weighed myself that I have lost 8lbs since being weighed that first time - I was particularly chuffed as I hadn't really felt much different so seeing that kind of loss is precisely what I need to make me feel better about the diet, which has been pretty hard.

In the first two weeks, I have to cut out dairy, sugar and carbs, so no fruit AT ALL, no brews apart from herbal tea and basically nothing fun to eat and no easter eggs... it's been hard but more mentally than physically. I haven't really been hungry as such it's more a case of getting my head round eating for energy and to keep my body going rather than for enjoyment. I have quite alot of choice as to what I can eat, but the sugar withdrawal gives you a bit of a headache which no one really enjoys!

In my goal setting session I really struggled to put into words what I want to achieve. I am normally so ambitious and up for a challenge but I guess with this it is a completely unknown entity as I have never tried anything like this and don't really know what to expect. I have always thought I lose weight really slowly based on past performance and I suppose I was reluctant to put numbers on it incase my body let me down! Hence the complete joy when I saw such a big loss in my first week!

Me and Chris also had a chat about some common misconceptions such as working towards weight as a number and BMI. I had previously been advised I should lose a certain amount to be at the top end of healthy BMI and when I mentioned it to Chris he talked about how BMI isn't an exact science as technically he would be classed as overweight on it - trust me there is nothing overweight about him! It is more reliable to rely on the measurements and how I feel rather than get stuck on the numbers. That was something I do like but equally I enjoy seeing pounds drop off so I think I will still keep weighing myself there just to see it going in the right direction!

Then in terms of the exercise, the activities I did were all possible for me to do (I think it was helped dramatically by my lovely Freya Active Undies pictured above!!) but I think my problem is the stamina. I can do a certain amount fine and kid myself that it is easy and then on the 2nd set I find it quite a bit harder! I suppose this will all kick in once I get going more frequently though. I am going again tonight but this time doing a full hour of exercise - I am quite concerned I won't be able to go for that long! I am certainly going to give it my best shot though...

If you are interested here are my goals;
  1. Golden Goal: Wear My Gorgeous Freya Bikini (as pictured above) in Marbella when I go on 20th July 2013.
  2. Lose 2 Stone and get a glam new dress by my sisters 30th Birthday Party on 15th June 2013.
  3. Lose 1 Stone and fit into a playsuit and dress I have that are currently a bit tight. I'm aiming for this by 30th April 2013.
The thoughts are that if they are on here and I have declared them publically then I won't want to not achieve them :o)

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  1. Ah Good Luck Sally!!! you sound really determined so im sure you'll succeed!!! :o) x


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