#MyFirstBikini Scores on the Doors 5 Weeks in..

Last Friday saw my second measurements session with Chris and I am so pleased that I have now lost 11 inches off my total body measurements!
We did the usual caliper measurements and measuring tape to keep it consistent and it's been really good as we are starting to get an idea of what works for me and what doesn't.
Apparently it was hard to separate my fat and muscle for one of the measurements so Chris has recommended I do a detox to rid my body of any toxins that might be lurking which should kick start fat cells to release their stores. It's all a bit technical to me to be honest - but I have purchased a ten day course of detox capsules so hopefully they will do their thing and kick start some miracle working fat shedding!
We have also identified that my tipple of choice - dark rum may not agree with me either *sob sob* so I am cutting that out for now as well as dried fruit (as I had had some raisins too that might not agree with me) and we will see if that has an effect on the measurements next time! Instead of rum I can have flavoured vodka/gin with slimline mixer or red wine so I will try and stick with that for now and see what happens...
I also went to Chris' Fat Blast Circuit Training on Saturday morning at 10am. Now, longer term readers will remember my foray into gym classes and my furtive exit from the Kettlebells class last year so I did go to this class feeling rather apprehensive. Chris assured me I should be ok so I figured I would go along and see how I got on.
You will be pleased to know that I finished the class and that was a achievement in itself for me and whilst it was hard work I am really happy I went. I will definitely go back too and I am hoping this speeds up my weightloss as Marbs has been brought forward by 2 weeks! YIKES!
The class definitely was difficult and I can't lie and say I didn't want to leave after about 10 minutes but I persevered and kept at it as best I could! I had to have a lie down when I got home and I am still aching but I think it is definitely worth it! :o)
If anyone lives in the Manchester/Cheshire area and fancies giving the circuits a go, they are on most nights and 10am on a Saturday. They are £6 and are open to non-members.
If you are interested in starting a fitness programme then contact Chris or Antony from Elite Performance Gym, contact details are as follows;
Tel: 07738 832271
E-mail: info@uniquephysiquept.co.uk
Twitter: @coach_mainer
Tel:  07930 875 851
Email: info@eliteperformancegym.co.uk
Twitter: @elitegymsk3

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