Review: Elemis Fresh Skin Exfoliator

I received some Elemis Fresh Skin Skin Glow Exfoliator in my #NORTHMEETUP Goodie Bag (Thanks Em!) and was instantly excited to try it as I have heard really good things about Elemis' Fresh Skin range.

I am admittedly not within the target age range for this product (it seems to be aimed more at teens and early 20's than my ripe old age of 28) but what I do still have is teenagery temperamental skin that needs attention.

I love the brightly coloured packaging and the smell of this stuff is divine. I normally have a love/hate relationship with exfoliator as whilst my skin does need it, I hate using gritty things on my face which gets a little sensitive at times.

This exfoliator which I am informed has jojoba beads, cherry powder and is enriched with mandarin and aniseed, really does soften the skin and has left me with a nicely refreshed and visibly brightened face this morning. It isn't overly gritty and I felt it removed the dead skin cells and grime without feeling like sandpaper to the face!

It retails for £12 and can be purchased from Superdrug which I think is a fantastic price point for the quality of the product!

Thumbs up all round :o)

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