Review: Blanx White Shock Toothpaste


Here's another little something I received in my #NORTHMEETUP goodie bag that I was super excited to review. Introducing Blanx White Shock Toothpaste! Tahh-dahhh!

I am a sucker for a whitening toothpaste as I am on a quest for A-Lister style white teeth and I am always left disappointed after using the various ones in the market, until now.

This toothpaste is incredible. The concept is quite simple, the toothpaste has a whitening agent in it (which is non-abrasive, not bleach/peroxide or anything harmful/corrosive) called Actilux which is activated when the toothpaste travels past the LED light in the nozzle. This then works on your teeth to break down any stains and bacteria leaving you with whiter teeth.

You can also use the light on the end of the toothpaste tube to boost the formula whilst on your teeth by holding the light in front of your mouth for 1 minute everyday. I have tried this for the last two days and I can honestly say it has made a dramatic difference with how white my teeth are - I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

I bet you are thinking 'hmm what's the catch, is it really expensive?' and the answer to that is- no it's not overly expensive. The toothpaste including the LED light is £7.50 and can be purchased from Feel Unique (there are plans to get it in the highstreet drugstores but for now you can get it online) but there is also an option to buy the toothpaste for £4.99 without the LED from Feel Unique too.

Blanx estimate that the LED light end piece will last for approximately 5 tubes of toothpaste so there is no need to buy the £7.50 version each time, which I think is great - I will 100% repurchase this as I think it is a fantastic product which is really unique in the marketplace!

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