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Looking outside and seeing how NOT sunny it is (what happened to this supposed heat wave that was due?!) means that the thought of sunshine and a holiday feels like it is a long way off.

My #MyFirstBikini Challenge is still at the forefront of my mind and I am so determined to do this and get myself to where I want to be. As I have always promised, I am not going to sugar coat my story along the way and it really is quite hard. Especially when hungover and feeling sorry for yourself (that pretty much sums up yesterday for you).

On Friday we did my first measurements session after 'eating clean' and I was genuinely pleased with the results! I had hoped that I would find the measuring up less embarrassing than last time but no, still pretty awkward when you are lay on the floor and having your flabbiest bits pinched. But oh well, at least numbers are going in the right direction!

So here are the scores on the doors;

Body Fat: Down by 5% (which means I have lost 12lbs of fat)

Chest: Down by 2cms
Waist: Down by 4cms
Belly Button: Down by 3cms
Hips: Down by 0.6cms
Left Arm: Down by 1.2cms
Right Arm: Down by 1.5cms
Left Thigh: Down by 0.9cms
Right Thigh: Down by 2.6cms
Left Calf: Down by 0.6cms
Right Calf: Down by 0.4cms

Total: 16.8cms / 6.6 inches

I find it all really interesting and I'm not going to lie - I feel much better in myself, clothes that didn't fit so well now fit me and just in general I am SO happy I have started this. I didn't have much confidence in my exercise capabilities and I shock myself when I can do certain things in my training sessions with Chris (the balance and me being clumsy are still an issue however) so if anyone is on the brink of deciding that the time is now - I would genuinely say do it. The key definitely is to find the right trainer and what works for you!

This week I am back on the straight and narrow after a few too many drinks on Saturday night as I want another good result in 2 weeks time! Let's hope my left thigh catches up with my right thigh loss though otherwise I am going to end up with one shrimpy leg?!

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