Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year, New You?

Image Courtesy of Random House Books
Good Evening my lovely, lovely readers. I hope everyone is well and excited for whatever fun and mischief there is to be had on New Year's Eve! 

I thought it was about time I got back into the Blogging routine before New Year after a well deserved mini break where I have been out and about, taken advantage of the sales, bought some non-sale but oh-so-beautiful shoes and thought about New Years and WHAT ON EARTH I AM GOING TO WEAR.

After taking a look at some Christmas photos I was drawn to the fact that my hair was looking a little (who am I kidding, a lot) dragged-through a hedge backwards rather than the beachy long waves I thought I was rocking.

But it's ok, sometimes change is good and I made a hair dressers appointment pretty sharpish where a photo of Olivia Palermo was thrown around in the hope they could salvage my barnet! Thankfully my hair looks so much better now and I am very pleased I just sucked it up and went to get it done. It definitely got me thinking about going into the New Year and I am sure some of you have some amazing plans whatever they might be - I am going to a dinner party with some friends and I am thrilled to be staying in, having a laugh and getting excited about the year ahead.

For those of you with plans that involve getting glammed up and going out, I bet there are some of you who are thinking that you feel stuck in a style rut and want to look different for New Year so I had a think about the easy ways you could change up your look!

The easiest and most obvious is to have a hair colour change.. I realise most hair dressers are probably booked up but hear me out as home hair dyeing has come a long way since the horror stories you hear and you can get a lovely new hair colour, safely and trauma free for about tenner these days! Bargain!

Some of the best dye I have used is John Frieda's hair dye. I found them to have a fantastic range of shades available and they are idiot proof. Trust me!

I should probably mention the whole skin patch test so I don't get any angry messages from any ruined new year plans but you could feasibly pop out to Tesco now, do a patch test and be good to go in your hair transformation tomorrow night!
John Frieda Hair Dye
I was recently sent some John Frieda products to review and was excited to try the volume mousse and glossing talents of a shine spray and serum. I have used John Frieda products for years but never these three things so it was nice to try something new for a change, especially now I have slightly less bed head, more sleek locks to work with!

So why not try and new style for New Year? You might find it a nice change on a night where everyone tends to be a bit more big haired, shimmery, sequinned etc than usual!

So tell me what you are wearing for New Year I love to hear these things! :o)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas through the eyes of a Blogger...

Christmas Pressies
Merry Christmas everyone! It's Boxing Day and I thought I'd take advantage of the downtime and say hello!

I've read conflicting things about doing a Christmas Present post and that some people view them as being boastful.. That really is not my intention and this post isn't a list of what I got, more an 'immediate thoughts' on some of my gifts! I have been really treated this year and I am so grateful - all I could think when opening some of my things though was I can't wait to review this!!!

You may also notice a camera in amongst the goodies.. That's in the hope to improve my picture content on here! 

One of the things I am most excited to try is my OPI Gold Leaf Top Coat.. You may recall it being on a wish list at some point and I am thrilled that my mum treated me to it! I will have very sparkly nails for new year!

I also got some lovely BareMinerals Make Up that I can't wait to try and a Clinique Chubby Stick which on first use feels like it could become a new obsession!

So what did you guys get? I'm always interested to hear so let me know in the comments box!

Next on my list of things to do today is a spot of Internet sales shopping.. :o)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Manchester #BBloggers Gifting Event with Beauty Works

Beautiful Diva Sophia Dresses!
Hair Pieces from Beauty Works
More Gorgeous Hair Pieces!
Last week, I was delighted to be invited to attend a 'Celebrity and VIP Gifting Event' with Beauty Works Hair. I have never been to one of these events before and wasn't sure what to expect!

Held at the beautiful Great John Street Hotel in Manchester, the Brands who were involved treated their guests to a few Christmas Treats. It was so lovely to be invited and I am genuinely really thankful for the gorgeous things I have been given.

I was spoilt with the following things (which will all be reviewed!)

Ilah Brows
Ilah Brows is the creation of Tahira Wells, a makeup artist who wanted to produce a mineral based brow powder that would stay put. I was shown how to apply the powder and was so impressed with the results. Hello natural looking brows that really did stay perfect all day long! The key was to work the powder into the brow hairs using a stencil kept in place to ensure none of the powder makes it's way to where it doesn't belong. There are various shades and brow shapes catered for so this product would suit everyone!

Beauty Works Hair
Beauty Works very kindly hosted the event and if you haven't heard of them before, Beauty Works have the most amazing clip in hair extensions I have ever seen! If you see a celeb look that you want to achieve then I strongly advise checking out Beauty Works as chances are they can make it happen. Want to rock a Rochelle Humes (from the Saturdays) style fishtail plait but not got enough hair?? Beauty Works make hair pieces that can be clipped in and no one need know it's not yours!

They also do clip in extensions, hair bands, ready made buns etc so there is definitely something for everyone! Now the hard part is picking what style to go for!

Beauty Works very kindly gifted me some Ombre Extensions that I cannot wait to show you! They will be shown off in an upcoming post!

If you regularly read my blog you will know that I am a wee bit obsessed with Xen-Tan so when I heard they would be at this event I was excited to see the lovely Amy and talk tan! I picked out the Scent Secure Gold to try as I thought it would be perfect over the party season when you might need an instant bronzing for an impromptu night out! I really cannot wait to try this so keep your eyes out for a full review of it! I have a feeling it's going to become a holy grail product!

As with Xen-Tan I was thrilled to see that GlamGlow which makes my ultimate FAVOURITE face mask was at the event! I have been given some sachets of the new super mud to go away and try and I am really looking forward to giving their newest product a whirl! The super mud encourages all the nasties that are sitting in your pores to get the hell out, leaving you with super soft, super clean and refreshed skin.

Over the Christmas Break I always like to give myself a little pamper to destress and fully chill out before returning to work in the new year so this will definitely be on my face and then my blog over the next couple of days!

Diva Sophia
Diva Sophia also took part in the event to showcase some of their gorgeous dresses. As you will see from one of my pictures there is some serious sparkle going on! As I am slightly more bootilicious than these dresses cater for I haven't got one to show you on me, but definitely check them out for any frocks you need for upcoming special occasions!

I had a really great time at the event - who doesn't love getting presents?! And I just wanted to thank Beauty Works for arranging it and for the generosity of the brands involved! :o)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Vivienne Westwood Store Re-Launch

Vivienne Westwood Store Re-Launch
Last Thursday Evening I was delighted to be invited to the re-launch of Manchester's Vivienne Westwood Store on behalf of Manchester Fashion Week. This post is picture heavy so apologies for that, however I thought you have to see it to experience what I did!

I was greeted by some of the store's staff who were all suitably kitted out in fabulous Vivienne Westwood outfits and treating guests to a glass of fizz! I was particularly excited about this event, as for me Ms Westwood is one of the most iconic British Designers. Vivienne uses structure and tailoring and then takes it to the next level. The garments are not for the fashion fearful as often they are made in a quirky, yet quintessentially British prints or style which sets apart the Westwood brand as being instantly recognisable yet unique.

The new store is beautiful, it feels very much like you have stumbled across an old English boutique where the surrounding decor is as much to take in as the clothing and accessories on the racks! It features alot of wood panelling, leather and again completely reinforces the classic British vibes of the designs.

I absolutely adore Vivienne Westwood Bags just incase the various photos haven't already indicated! They feature the Westwood crest and come in a very wide variety of finishes and fabrics. One of my favourite collections are the tartan bags as I think they are so different to what any other brand has done this season.

I am a handbag queen and I long to add a Westwood bag to my collection one day! Maybe Santa will hear my plea and pop one under the tree for me?

Another aspect of the store that I particularly like is that it caters for all Westwood lovers in terms of the range of clothes and accessories in there. For those who may not have the budget for a Vivienne Westwood outfit will be impressed by the vast array of jewellery  and accessories available at the store.

If you are still on the hunt for a fabulous Christmas Present then I would suggest you pop to the new store to take a look, there is definitely something for everyone and I am positive you will enjoy your shopping experience in there!


Monday, 17 December 2012

The Holy Grail of Products: Part II - Face and Nails

My Nail and Makeup Heroes!
BareMinerals Foundation
I started using BareMinerals Foundation earlier this year after having it recommended to me when I was a bridesmaid. I love this stuff as you all know, the coverage is fantastic every time I apply it and it's longevity is impressive!

MAC Eyebrow Pencil
I try many brow products in the quest for the perfect brow, my eyebrows are quite mousey like my natural hair colour so I ALWAYS fill them in. For pure ease, I love the MAC eyebrow pencils in Taupe as they are the perfect shade for me and super easy to use. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to try getting into shading your eyebrows as it's not too dark or noticeable. Dirty Blonde is the shade lighter which is also a past favourite of mine when I was blonder!

Benefit They're Real Mascara
I really still do not know why I was so dismissive of this when I originally bought it when it was launched as I really love it now. The quest for the perfect mascara could well be over for me as each time I wear it I love the results and I genuinely have been asked a couple of times by different people if I am wearing false lashes when I am wearing it. Equally though, don't be put off by that as it really depends on how much you put on, I just love the brush and how you can build it up.

Nars Eyeliner
I am on my second of the Nars Eyeliner pencils and I am hooked. They are beautifully smudgy but also precise and don't run throughout the day. I don't know how they achieve this but they have become my staple eyeliner and I'm not sure I could go back to using others I have used in the past!

MAC Blusher
More specifically I love the MAC Blusher in Pinch O Peach. It is my go-to blush for a nice pinky cheek that looks natural. It is my perfect shade and I love it. They are long-lasting and considering I use it every single day with some touch ups I find them to last me ages!

Ardell Lashes
I have recently discovered Ardell lashes after buying some from Sally's Hair and Beauty on a whim. I love the 110 or Demi Wispies as I think they are natural but still give a nice amount of lashes. Try them!

Boots 200 False Nails
The Boots False Nails are my faves at the moment for plain nails that I want to paint. You get absolutely TONS of them and I find them hard wearing and perfect sized for my dinky fingernails. I do however get left with loads of the big ones so if anyone wants them give me a shout!

OPI and Models Own Nail Polish
My favourite nail polishes are OPI and Models Own. Both are incredibly high quality and I like both brands for different reasons as they are really quite different in terms of cost and colours available. I buy the classics from OPI such as big apple red and then do my experimenting with Models Own Polish as they tend to have alot of the trend colours.

Revlon Lip Butters
I have really got into the Revlon Lip Butters as they are perfect for trying a colour in a more sheer wearable way. For example.. red and plum lips seem to be the colour du jour yet I am more of a pinks kind of girl so I have bought a red and plum lip butter as a way of trying them out. I am a bridesmaid in March and the plan is for us to have red lips so this was a way of me experimenting without something too bright!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Style Sundays: Too Funky Hair Blow Dry Party

Too Funky Hair Blow Dry Party
On Saturday I was invited to attend a blow dry party at Too Funky Hair in Manchester as a guest of Manchester Fashion Week!

I was treated to a VIP service from start to finish and was greeted by the Big Sexy Hair Girls in their red leotards and afro wigs! The salon had closed off a little area for us and the Champagne was flowing so I felt thoroughly spoilt right from the beginning!

Lee came and introduced himself as being responsible for my locks whilst at the party! He asked me how I wanted my hair and my response is almost always the same.. BIG!

I was whisked off to the back wash.. which incidentally were extremely comfortable! I am always left with a sore head and neck from those things so I was very pleasantly surprised! Lee used the Big Sexy Hair products which smelled gorgeous and added some much needed moisture back into my hair ready for my big waves.

My hair was blasted off so that it was dry enough to use the Ego Curling Tong, a styling tool also made by Big Sexy Hair.. and then pin curled so that the curls would completely cool down before being styled.

Lee simply popped a clip into the curls and then left me to enjoy another glass of bubbly whilst it cooled down. Once the curls had completely cooled the clips were removed and I was left with MASSIVE waves, Lee then got me to shake my hair upside down and brushed the curls through so they were more of a loose wave and then plumped up the roots with some strategic teasing and hair spray!

I enjoyed the process from start to finish and felt thoroughly pampered, I even recruited a couple of my friends to come out for a drink on Saturday night so that my hair got the outing it deserved!

I even got a goody bag of treats to take home with me which was a bonus I was not expecting! My bag contained the Big Sexy Hair Conditioner, Plumping Hair Dust and some Hair Spray. I have only used the Hair Spray as yet and I really like it, it smells lovely, holds incredibly well but can be combed out very easily!

I would really like to also take this opportunity to thank Too Funky Hair, Big Sexy Hair and Manchester Fashion Week for the invite as I had a lovely experience and Lee was fantastic. If only I could have this kind of primping every time I wash my hair! :o)


Friday, 14 December 2012

#MCRFW 2013 Update

Just a little update on Manchester Fashion Week 2013!

The event will now take place from 22nd - 26th April 2013 in an exclusive Manchester Venue.

As soon as I know the location you will be the first to know, but expect a fabulously fashionable surrounding to suit the glam events over the course of the week!

Manchester Fashion Week will once again showcase high street brands alongside some of our home grown talent. There will be parties, fashion shows, networking events and general fabulousness and I for one CANNOT WAIT!

I'll be honest I regularly have a day dream about what my week's worth of wardrobe might look like for Manchester Fashion Week!


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Gift Giving Down Under...

So Santa is coming to town and I bet you are ticking off your to buy for list and those family members/friends who are on the other side of the world in Australia often cause no end of problems with the posting dates/shipping charges!

This is a sponsored post that will bring two fantastic Australian brands to your attention who you might like to use to purchase your loved ones gifts that won't cost the earth and can be shipped direct to them.

Millers Online offers a very wide range of products including clothing, accessories, PJs and swimwear. So definitely something for everyone! You can do your clothes shopping online for Christmas Gifts and send a gift that you know can be exchanged if it isn't quite right.

Also, why stop at family and friends? If you are holidaying or visiting family over there and struggling to find weather appropriate clothing in the very cold UK you could make an order to arrive when you do! Well it beats having crumpled clothes fresh from the suitcase...

Katie's Fashion is another online retailer who could most certainly solve your present buying dilemmas! They have some gorgeous jackets in stock which are perfect for holiday and home!

If you are off to Oz for Christmas then I am very jealous and hope you have a wonderful time! Don't forget to build a sandman ;o)

Merry Christmas!


Product Review: Melt Candles

Melt Candles in Angel and Christmas* | The Melt Candle Company
Christmas is very nearly upon us and I bet there are many of you who are still struggling for gift ideas for your loved ones/friends/acquaintances/secret santa etc so I wanted to share with you a company I have recently come across!

Everyone loves scented candles and The Melt Candle Company have some lovely ones that would make fantastic gifts! The candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have a high percentage of pure fragrance. They also have a lengthy burn time.

I was kindly given the above candles to review and as someone who can be fussy with fragrance I was unsure what to expect! Well I can genuinely say the scents are gorgeous and I really like both that I was sent through.  The candles come in a variety of sizes and with that means that a wide range of budgets are catered for.

The travel candle (in the silver tin) cost around the £7.50 mark and the larger candles in rhe glass tumbler are approx £21.

The Angel scent smells exactly like Thierry Mugler Angel perfume and I love it. It is a very distinct fragrance with notes of chocolate and vanilla. It isn't overpowering and just even having the candle in my bedroom has left a pleasant smell in there!

The Christmas Candle smells literally just like Christmas with a mix of spices, fruits and vanilla. It has taken up residence in our downstairs hallway/dining room which houses our Christmas Tree and it is the perfect combination for setting a festively fragranced scene.

What I like about these candles is that they are a bit different, reasonably priced and so many options in terms of size and fragrance. We as a family go through candles week by week so it's nice to find another brand that we can introduce into the mix!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Holy Grail of Products: Part I - Body and Hair

The recent Blogging craze of the moment seems to be a post dedicated to Holy Grail Products and I just had to get on board!

It does feel like I get very excited about trying new things and sometimes I can totally imagine I sound SO fickle when I say something different is amazing week on week. So in the spirit of sharing some products I know and love here are my Holy Grail Products for Hair and Body.. (the lashes are in on this post and will be covered in my Face Post later on this week!)

VO5 Dry Shampoo
I love this dry shampoo. Without sounding big headed, my hair has always been quite shiny (only on top though!) so I need a dry shampoo that isn't too white and chalky. This is that product for me! I find that you can add volume and soak up any slight grease with this and I have bought god knows how many bottles of this stuff.

E45 Lotion
Such a boring thing but it is the only moisturiser I can use on my post-shaved legs that soothes them and can also use on my face without break outs!

Tan - Xen Tan/Ambre Solaire
Xen Tan is my ultimate fave tan than requires a serious application and morning shower to get rid of the guide colour. If I need a quick spritz of colour and don't have time to do it properly I use Ambre Solaire Spray on Tan as it is clear.

GHD Serum
GHD Serum is amazing on dry hair I find.. I tend to use an oil on it when it is wet but the serum is my go-to product for fighting the frizz post blow dry.

Bodyshop Almond Hand Cream
Smells divine and moisturises my mitts. Not really much else I can say!

Shampoo - Timotei Pure Green Tea/John Frieda Volume Shampoo
I love both of these shampoos for different reasons. If I want a deep cleansing shampoo I reach for the Timotei Shampoo as it is really great at cleaning your hair of any build up, but it can leave my hair a little fluffy afterwards. John Frieda is my shampoo of choice when I will be styling my hair as it gives me that oh-so-desired volume. In case you hadn't noticed.. I LOVE big hair.

Bronze Goddess Estee Lauder
Bronze Goddess is probably the ONLY perfume I have ever repurchased. I have had approximately 3 or 4 bottles in my lifetime and I adore it every time I spray it. It is sunshine and holidays in a bottle and each summer I buy it!

GlamGlow Face Mask
For those times my skin is looking less than perky (right about now) GlamGlow is a god send. It contains all kinds of wonderful skin plumping minerals and green tea and it is hands down my ultimate favourite mask. This is no cheap product though I must add. At £20 for a little tub (3/4 uses) it is a luxury treat but it is worth it. I would be shocked if anyone turned round and said they didn't feel it was worth the money after using it. I have the most weird skin type and it can literally be oily one day, tight later on that day and flaky forehead. My skin is pretty damn sensitive and other face masks have left my skin bright red where the mask was.. not a good look. This stuff you can feel working but I have never been left red-faced! It plumps and softens in a way I've only seen post facial.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Exfoliator
I am going to admit something here. I hate sandy/gritty feeling things and that normally includes exfoliator. This one however is like a sugar syrup where the crystals almost melt down on your skin as you exfoliate. It is a really lovely product and the ONLY exfoliator I will use on my body. It helps that it smells good enough to eat and is rather purse friendly!

So there we go! I hope you have enjoyed Part I, Part II will follow later on this week!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Style Sundays: Casual Comfort

Jacket: River Island, Wedges: River Island, Hoodie: Forever 21, T-Shirt: Topshop, Jumper: Dorothy Perkins, Shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Gooood evening!

I am sat watching the X Factor final as I write this! Exciting! I am not overly fussed who wins as I like both so I am just enjoying the music...

But that leads me on to my Style Sunday Post in association with Manchester Fashion Week #MCRFW 2013. Sunday's are alllllll about the comfort for me. I like to look nice but for me Sunday's are about being stylish but comfortable and I think the high street has some lovely things in at the moment which fit this category rather nicely!

Love them or hate them, leggings/treggings/jeggings are not making moves any time soon and they seem to be becoming a staple in a lot of people's wardrobes (including mine). Paired with a nice snuggly jumper, t-shirt or shirt I think they can look fantastic. But equally I get that people can prefer jeans.. I am just STILL searching for a pair that I feel nice and comfortable in but I really don't think they suit me...

I am loving the denim and plaid shirts in the shops at the moment. I picked up a classic red check shirt from Primark and added my own studs to the pocket to add a little something extra! It was also an aim of mine on the To-Do List to customise some clothing so that is another one I can tick off! Woohoo! Check out my Instagram Page for pics!

Wedge Trainers or Boots keep the outfit looking smart but keep you running around all day with no sore toes. I still love my Ugg Boots but they are the hardly the nicest looking footwear! 

Remember, Manchester Fashion Week is coming our way in March 2013... I am very excited to be an official blogger and keeping you all up to date with the latest news!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday :o)


Friday, 7 December 2012

FREEBIE ALERT: 2 for 1 Manicures from Blink

Hello hello dear readers!

Apologies for being rather quiet this week I have been rather busy.. however I thought I would drop in today and spread the word about a fantastic promotion at Blink at Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square!

Christmas Parties are probably cropping up left, right and centre and it's always nice to be pampered and have lovely nails.

As an introductory offer to welcome Manicures to Blink if you buy/have a Blink Signature Manicure next Friday or Saturday (14th/15th December) you receive another free of charge in January 2013.

Now I don't know about you but January always feels SO DEPRESSING with the lack of funds and generally everyone being quiet. How nice would it be to have a pampering treatment banked ready for those boring January days/weekends?

The Blink Signature Manicure is £30 and celebrates 30 years of OPI.. so I am presuming that means they will be using all the lovely OPI products on your mitts! Woohoo!

The offer is valid on 14th and 15th December only and the complimentary manicure must be redeemed between 1-31st January 2013. The offer only applies at Blink within Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square also so please make sure you take note!

Bookings can be made via

Now go forth and get lovely shiny nails for Christmas!!! :o)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas Party Looks: Simply Fancy Dress
Hey everyone!

So we are now in December and the days are counting down until the big day! With the parties becoming more frequent and a different dress code required for each, I am bringing you the best of Christmas Party Outfit Establishments.

Today's is focused on a fancy dress theme party. I am positive that at least one of your events will require some form of festive wear and I have come across a site that is fantastic for Fancy Dress. Simply Fancy Dress have a wide range of costumes, in a range of sizes and they are very competitive in terms of price.

They have the usual outfits such as Santa, Angels, etc but also have a few quirky ones such as Christmas Turkey, Gingerbread Men and Baubles!

You can get free delivery in 5 working days and the quality of the costumes is very high! I ordered a Miss Santa Costume for an upcoming party (pics to follow once I have been!) and it is BRILLIANT! I can't wait to wear it but my party is in a couple of weeks and I wanted to tell you about Simply Fancy Dress nice and early incase you have a soiree you need to dress up for!

As with my other Christmas Party posts, please send me a picture of your Christmas Party look! :o)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas TAG

It's the 1st December! Woohooo!

I hope you have all opened your first window on your Advent Calendar and feeling festive! I don't know about anyone else but I have felt really Christmassy from really quite early this year so am looking forward to everything Christmas related in the run up to the Holidays!

I saw this Christmas Themed Blogger Tag and seeing as I am literally like Mrs Claus I figured it was the perfect post for the 1st of December!

I can't remember where I saw it now (soz) but I tag everyone back! Let me know your links in the comments section below :o)

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?
My favourite thing(s) about Christmas are; Starbucks red cups, cute gingerbread man ornaments, festive bedding, the annual Christmas pub crawl I go on, the annual Chester Christmas lunch with my pals, getting a Christmas Stocking, doing a Christmas gift bag for Jasper our Dog, Christmas Jumpers/Sweaters, time off to eat drink and be merry, and buying presents!

Q. What’s your favorite makeup look for the festive season?
Shimmer! I'm not a huge fan of dark eyes on myself so I like to do a shimmery nude eye, lashes and a red lip. Lovely and festive!!

Q. Real tree or fake tree?
Definitely real! I ADORE the smell!

Q. Giving presents or receiving presents?
Both.. I love it all! I love giving presents and having someone be really chuffed at what you have bought for them!

Q. Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
We have a lie in until about 9ish and then open them in our Christmas PJs! Me, my mum and my sisters all have new PJs on Christmas Eve so that we have nice new ones for any photos in the morning :o) It is tradition now and we have been doing it for as long as I can remember!

Q. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I always get my cards on Funky Pigeon as I like to personalise them with photos etc

Q. What’s your favourite Christmas film?
I have 3... Elf is the ultimate fave, but the Holiday and Love Actually are close contenders!

Q. What’s your favourite Christmas food and drink?
Where to start?! Baileys, Starbucks Egg Nog Latte, Starbucks Ginger Loaf Cake, Leftover Sandwiches, Bread Sauce, Stuffing and Chipolatas, Bacon and Cheese Rolls, Mulled Wine and Hog Roast and Stuffing Barm Cakes from the Manchester Christmas Markets!

I am hungry now...
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