The Holy Grail of Products: Part II - Face and Nails

My Nail and Makeup Heroes!
BareMinerals Foundation
I started using BareMinerals Foundation earlier this year after having it recommended to me when I was a bridesmaid. I love this stuff as you all know, the coverage is fantastic every time I apply it and it's longevity is impressive!

MAC Eyebrow Pencil
I try many brow products in the quest for the perfect brow, my eyebrows are quite mousey like my natural hair colour so I ALWAYS fill them in. For pure ease, I love the MAC eyebrow pencils in Taupe as they are the perfect shade for me and super easy to use. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to try getting into shading your eyebrows as it's not too dark or noticeable. Dirty Blonde is the shade lighter which is also a past favourite of mine when I was blonder!

Benefit They're Real Mascara
I really still do not know why I was so dismissive of this when I originally bought it when it was launched as I really love it now. The quest for the perfect mascara could well be over for me as each time I wear it I love the results and I genuinely have been asked a couple of times by different people if I am wearing false lashes when I am wearing it. Equally though, don't be put off by that as it really depends on how much you put on, I just love the brush and how you can build it up.

Nars Eyeliner
I am on my second of the Nars Eyeliner pencils and I am hooked. They are beautifully smudgy but also precise and don't run throughout the day. I don't know how they achieve this but they have become my staple eyeliner and I'm not sure I could go back to using others I have used in the past!

MAC Blusher
More specifically I love the MAC Blusher in Pinch O Peach. It is my go-to blush for a nice pinky cheek that looks natural. It is my perfect shade and I love it. They are long-lasting and considering I use it every single day with some touch ups I find them to last me ages!

Ardell Lashes
I have recently discovered Ardell lashes after buying some from Sally's Hair and Beauty on a whim. I love the 110 or Demi Wispies as I think they are natural but still give a nice amount of lashes. Try them!

Boots 200 False Nails
The Boots False Nails are my faves at the moment for plain nails that I want to paint. You get absolutely TONS of them and I find them hard wearing and perfect sized for my dinky fingernails. I do however get left with loads of the big ones so if anyone wants them give me a shout!

OPI and Models Own Nail Polish
My favourite nail polishes are OPI and Models Own. Both are incredibly high quality and I like both brands for different reasons as they are really quite different in terms of cost and colours available. I buy the classics from OPI such as big apple red and then do my experimenting with Models Own Polish as they tend to have alot of the trend colours.

Revlon Lip Butters
I have really got into the Revlon Lip Butters as they are perfect for trying a colour in a more sheer wearable way. For example.. red and plum lips seem to be the colour du jour yet I am more of a pinks kind of girl so I have bought a red and plum lip butter as a way of trying them out. I am a bridesmaid in March and the plan is for us to have red lips so this was a way of me experimenting without something too bright!

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