The Holy Grail of Products: Part I - Body and Hair

The recent Blogging craze of the moment seems to be a post dedicated to Holy Grail Products and I just had to get on board!

It does feel like I get very excited about trying new things and sometimes I can totally imagine I sound SO fickle when I say something different is amazing week on week. So in the spirit of sharing some products I know and love here are my Holy Grail Products for Hair and Body.. (the lashes are in on this post and will be covered in my Face Post later on this week!)

VO5 Dry Shampoo
I love this dry shampoo. Without sounding big headed, my hair has always been quite shiny (only on top though!) so I need a dry shampoo that isn't too white and chalky. This is that product for me! I find that you can add volume and soak up any slight grease with this and I have bought god knows how many bottles of this stuff.

E45 Lotion
Such a boring thing but it is the only moisturiser I can use on my post-shaved legs that soothes them and can also use on my face without break outs!

Tan - Xen Tan/Ambre Solaire
Xen Tan is my ultimate fave tan than requires a serious application and morning shower to get rid of the guide colour. If I need a quick spritz of colour and don't have time to do it properly I use Ambre Solaire Spray on Tan as it is clear.

GHD Serum
GHD Serum is amazing on dry hair I find.. I tend to use an oil on it when it is wet but the serum is my go-to product for fighting the frizz post blow dry.

Bodyshop Almond Hand Cream
Smells divine and moisturises my mitts. Not really much else I can say!

Shampoo - Timotei Pure Green Tea/John Frieda Volume Shampoo
I love both of these shampoos for different reasons. If I want a deep cleansing shampoo I reach for the Timotei Shampoo as it is really great at cleaning your hair of any build up, but it can leave my hair a little fluffy afterwards. John Frieda is my shampoo of choice when I will be styling my hair as it gives me that oh-so-desired volume. In case you hadn't noticed.. I LOVE big hair.

Bronze Goddess Estee Lauder
Bronze Goddess is probably the ONLY perfume I have ever repurchased. I have had approximately 3 or 4 bottles in my lifetime and I adore it every time I spray it. It is sunshine and holidays in a bottle and each summer I buy it!

GlamGlow Face Mask
For those times my skin is looking less than perky (right about now) GlamGlow is a god send. It contains all kinds of wonderful skin plumping minerals and green tea and it is hands down my ultimate favourite mask. This is no cheap product though I must add. At £20 for a little tub (3/4 uses) it is a luxury treat but it is worth it. I would be shocked if anyone turned round and said they didn't feel it was worth the money after using it. I have the most weird skin type and it can literally be oily one day, tight later on that day and flaky forehead. My skin is pretty damn sensitive and other face masks have left my skin bright red where the mask was.. not a good look. This stuff you can feel working but I have never been left red-faced! It plumps and softens in a way I've only seen post facial.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Exfoliator
I am going to admit something here. I hate sandy/gritty feeling things and that normally includes exfoliator. This one however is like a sugar syrup where the crystals almost melt down on your skin as you exfoliate. It is a really lovely product and the ONLY exfoliator I will use on my body. It helps that it smells good enough to eat and is rather purse friendly!

So there we go! I hope you have enjoyed Part I, Part II will follow later on this week!


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