Style Sundays: Too Funky Hair Blow Dry Party

Too Funky Hair Blow Dry Party
On Saturday I was invited to attend a blow dry party at Too Funky Hair in Manchester as a guest of Manchester Fashion Week!

I was treated to a VIP service from start to finish and was greeted by the Big Sexy Hair Girls in their red leotards and afro wigs! The salon had closed off a little area for us and the Champagne was flowing so I felt thoroughly spoilt right from the beginning!

Lee came and introduced himself as being responsible for my locks whilst at the party! He asked me how I wanted my hair and my response is almost always the same.. BIG!

I was whisked off to the back wash.. which incidentally were extremely comfortable! I am always left with a sore head and neck from those things so I was very pleasantly surprised! Lee used the Big Sexy Hair products which smelled gorgeous and added some much needed moisture back into my hair ready for my big waves.

My hair was blasted off so that it was dry enough to use the Ego Curling Tong, a styling tool also made by Big Sexy Hair.. and then pin curled so that the curls would completely cool down before being styled.

Lee simply popped a clip into the curls and then left me to enjoy another glass of bubbly whilst it cooled down. Once the curls had completely cooled the clips were removed and I was left with MASSIVE waves, Lee then got me to shake my hair upside down and brushed the curls through so they were more of a loose wave and then plumped up the roots with some strategic teasing and hair spray!

I enjoyed the process from start to finish and felt thoroughly pampered, I even recruited a couple of my friends to come out for a drink on Saturday night so that my hair got the outing it deserved!

I even got a goody bag of treats to take home with me which was a bonus I was not expecting! My bag contained the Big Sexy Hair Conditioner, Plumping Hair Dust and some Hair Spray. I have only used the Hair Spray as yet and I really like it, it smells lovely, holds incredibly well but can be combed out very easily!

I would really like to also take this opportunity to thank Too Funky Hair, Big Sexy Hair and Manchester Fashion Week for the invite as I had a lovely experience and Lee was fantastic. If only I could have this kind of primping every time I wash my hair! :o)

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