New Year, New You?

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Good Evening my lovely, lovely readers. I hope everyone is well and excited for whatever fun and mischief there is to be had on New Year's Eve! 

I thought it was about time I got back into the Blogging routine before New Year after a well deserved mini break where I have been out and about, taken advantage of the sales, bought some non-sale but oh-so-beautiful shoes and thought about New Years and WHAT ON EARTH I AM GOING TO WEAR.

After taking a look at some Christmas photos I was drawn to the fact that my hair was looking a little (who am I kidding, a lot) dragged-through a hedge backwards rather than the beachy long waves I thought I was rocking.

But it's ok, sometimes change is good and I made a hair dressers appointment pretty sharpish where a photo of Olivia Palermo was thrown around in the hope they could salvage my barnet! Thankfully my hair looks so much better now and I am very pleased I just sucked it up and went to get it done. It definitely got me thinking about going into the New Year and I am sure some of you have some amazing plans whatever they might be - I am going to a dinner party with some friends and I am thrilled to be staying in, having a laugh and getting excited about the year ahead.

For those of you with plans that involve getting glammed up and going out, I bet there are some of you who are thinking that you feel stuck in a style rut and want to look different for New Year so I had a think about the easy ways you could change up your look!

The easiest and most obvious is to have a hair colour change.. I realise most hair dressers are probably booked up but hear me out as home hair dyeing has come a long way since the horror stories you hear and you can get a lovely new hair colour, safely and trauma free for about tenner these days! Bargain!

Some of the best dye I have used is John Frieda's hair dye. I found them to have a fantastic range of shades available and they are idiot proof. Trust me!

I should probably mention the whole skin patch test so I don't get any angry messages from any ruined new year plans but you could feasibly pop out to Tesco now, do a patch test and be good to go in your hair transformation tomorrow night!
John Frieda Hair Dye
I was recently sent some John Frieda products to review and was excited to try the volume mousse and glossing talents of a shine spray and serum. I have used John Frieda products for years but never these three things so it was nice to try something new for a change, especially now I have slightly less bed head, more sleek locks to work with!

So why not try and new style for New Year? You might find it a nice change on a night where everyone tends to be a bit more big haired, shimmery, sequinned etc than usual!

So tell me what you are wearing for New Year I love to hear these things! :o)

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