Christmas Party Looks: Simply Fancy Dress
Hey everyone!

So we are now in December and the days are counting down until the big day! With the parties becoming more frequent and a different dress code required for each, I am bringing you the best of Christmas Party Outfit Establishments.

Today's is focused on a fancy dress theme party. I am positive that at least one of your events will require some form of festive wear and I have come across a site that is fantastic for Fancy Dress. Simply Fancy Dress have a wide range of costumes, in a range of sizes and they are very competitive in terms of price.

They have the usual outfits such as Santa, Angels, etc but also have a few quirky ones such as Christmas Turkey, Gingerbread Men and Baubles!

You can get free delivery in 5 working days and the quality of the costumes is very high! I ordered a Miss Santa Costume for an upcoming party (pics to follow once I have been!) and it is BRILLIANT! I can't wait to wear it but my party is in a couple of weeks and I wanted to tell you about Simply Fancy Dress nice and early incase you have a soiree you need to dress up for!

As with my other Christmas Party posts, please send me a picture of your Christmas Party look! :o)

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  1. December month is a great month, not only for Christmas but also for many fancy dresses. It really adds more happiness in seeing people in different costumes.


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