Sunday, 14 October 2012

Professional Beauty North

Today I headed off to Professional Beauty North at Manchester Central. It is literally a MECCA for all things beauty and offers a whole host of products and services at trade prices, meaning that some absolute bargains were there for the taking!

I apologise now for the number of photos but I want you all to see how fab the show is and definitely worth a visit. If you pre-register it is completely free. The majority of well known beauty brands have an exhibition stand and also some lesser known brands too. You can get nail stuff, fake tan, lashes, teeth whitening, beauty potions and lotions, even botox and fillers if you are so inclined!

My haul included an NSI UV Gel Starter Kit and some other nail bits and bobs! I just love the atmosphere in all honesty and the demonstrations! On most of the stands they have demonstrations, tips and tricks which are really helpful.

Another rather exciting purchase are these Millie Mackintosh Lashes! I cannot wait to use them, I think she has got some really lovely styles in her collection and it's nice to have a break from the good old Girl's Aloud lashes! I am thinking these might be a new fave!

I will most likely do a post dedicated to them once I have tried them out, but for now here are some other pics which will make you jealous of just how ruddy gorgeous she is....



  1. Looks like it was a fun day! I really wanted to go, but I couldn't get off work because i'm going to Liverpool fashion week next Saturday.

    I really wanna try Millie's Eye-lashes.


    1. They do others round the country so check out Beauty UK (in Birmingham) and Professional Beauty do one in London too.. worth a visit if you can pre-book cheap train tickets! :o) xox

  2. I think I spent the first half an hour walking around totally overwhelmed, there was so much to see! Really excited to hear about how you get on with your gel nails! x

    1. I know I always do the same and I end up not buying anything and having to go back to the stuff I have seen! Millie's Lashes were purchased straight away however as I knew I wanted to get certain ones and I didn't want them to have sold out! :o) I will do a post when I get round to doing the nails... haha xx

  3. Very gorgeously looking! I love it so much and I would save my allowances and even do extra rackets to earn money. I might even change my habit so that I could gain extra rewards from my parents just to have this. I really really want it.


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