Weekday Wishlist #15

Office Flatforms, Topshop Dweeb T-Shirt, River Island Ooops Jumper, Topshop Boutique Dress, Forever 21 Quilted Jacket, Matalan Kilt
Hello hello!

I am on a complete blogging spree at the moment! It's such a relief to have my blog whilst I am unemployed as it gives me something fun to do whilst I am job hunting and I can finally get myself into a routine with it and also get some reviews and posts up that I have been meaning to do for ages!

I have got myself into the habit of writing my wishlist posts and I will be honest.. it is hard doing this whilst I am sat here with no job and no way of being able to go out and buy any of this stuff. I totally would not go and buy all this stuff willy nilly but I have always worked so hard and like to treat myself so it's a bit depressing when I don't feel in a position to be able to do so.

Anyways.. keeping a positive mental attitude that I will get a new job soon, here is this weeks wishlist!

First we have these amazing wedges from Office that are £50. I am loving wedges at the moment as they are such an easy heel to wear.. especially when you are a terrible heel wearer such as myself! I love the studded detail on these and think they would look equally as fab with tights and dresses/skirts or leggings! I may have to go try these on and if they are as lovely as I suspect they are they may have to go on my Christmas list!

Next up is the Dweeb T-Shirt from Topshop.. you might have seen the Geek T-Shirt on an earlier wishlist and this is the new version with an updated retro word of abuse? If you can call it that! I probably wouldn't rush out to buy this if I had the money but I think it is pretty cool. If one was launched with Nerd on it I might not be able to hold back...

In third place is the River Island Oooops Jumper which is about £30ish if I remember correctly! As with the Dweeb T-Shirt.. probably wouldn't buy it but I think it is brilliant!

Number 4 is this BEAUTIFUL dress from Topshop Boutique. I love the shape of this so much but not the price.. I think it is about £70 from memory and in all honesty I just don't think it is worth it! I would happily pay £40 maximum as it looks pretty flimsy but I do get slightly miffed when Topshop does this. I love it but the price point is all wrong. I can't imagine many people would spend that kind of money on such a plain item! Anyway rant over and I'm probably being so mardy about it as I want it and I can't justify getting it!

I have popped this little jacket from Forever 21 on my wishlist too as I really like it, it looks kind of Chanel style and I think it's nicely plain and would go with alot in my wardrobe!

Finally I have seen this kilt from Matalan at a bargainous £14 and I love it! I have always really liked little skirts like this as with me being on the short side and the shape I am, I just suit skirts or leggings way more than jeans or trousers! It's very rare to ever see me in trousers!

What's on your wishlist this week? Tell me in the comments I always love to know! :o)

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  1. I love the geek and dweeb tees. I'm quite tempted to buy some plain tees and some transfer and do my own. I could have nerd then too! x


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