Winter Sun Anyone?

Lascana Purple Exotic Tankini £42*, Constellation Polka Dot Luggage from £49*
A month ago I was contacted by the very kind people at Swimwear365 and asked to review some of their fantastic items! I selected the above two items and I just wanted to tell you all about them...

I thought I would post this item now as some lucky devils who read my blog may well be off for some winter sunshine (jel!) and I think there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find swimwear when summer is LONG GONE! Who am I kidding.. we never even got one?!

Swimwear365 is FANTASTIC. I am genuinely very impressed with their service and I will 100% be using them moving forwards.

Now onto the products! I wanted to sample some of their swimwear and also something else so that I could highlight that Swimwear365 are literally a one stop holiday shop. They do EVERYTHING!

I am a typical apple shape where unfortunately I carry weight on the tummy area more than everywhere else, so normally I would go for a swimsuit, but one of the features on the Swimwear365 site is that they have a body shape calculator and make recommendations based on your body shape.

Due to the looser fit on this Tankini round the waist it was recommended to me with my apple shape. When it arrived I absolutely fell it love with it! It is the first tankini I have worn in years and I actually feel like it looks nice on me. I didn't quite feel ready to post a picture of me wearing it on line but I would definitely say it is true to size and the fit is perfect. It is underwired cups and has adjustable straps. The pants are not too low (I hate that!!) and I felt that they were very well sized too. The sizing is a clothing size and a bra cup size too.

I also got one of the cabin size suitcases as we always seem to never have enough cases and I thought this little one would be the perfect addition! Again I was super impressed with this product, I used it on a business trip and it was the perfect size for a couple of days away!

I would highly recommend Swimwear365 - go and check it out today!


  1. I really could do with some winter sun right now ha ha :)

    Tanesha x

  2. Hi Kristina, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award :-)


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