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Bare Minerals Starter Kit
Firstly I would just like to state for the record that this is not a sponsored post.. I purchased the bareMinerals starter kit when I was a bridesmaid earlier this year as I had heard that the foundation longevity was amazing and I just really wanted to share how much I LOVE this product and brand as a whole.

I know that alot of people are put off by bareMinerals foundation with it being a powder based makeup, and think that because it is powder it automatically means it is a matte finish. I've also had friends tell me they can't be bothered as there seems to be lots of little pots involved!

I probably even thought the same before I had tried it, and I would really recommend that people go and have it put on if they have fallen out of love with their current face make up! The sales consultants can show you that this foundation gives the finish you want depending on how you apply it so if you prefer a dewier finish then fear not this is still very much a potential foundation choice for you!

I went to my local John Lewis where a lovely lady did my face for me and it looked amazing if I may say so myself! All of the products they use are mineral based too and felt a complete dream on my skin. I will definitely be putting some of the products on my christmas list this year!

I have suffered with adult acne and my face can sometimes be weirdly sensitive so to find something that will actively improve my skin's condition was a massive selling point for me.

The powder is so easily applied and it can be as much or as little coverage as you want, there are different options in terms of original, matte or redness busting. I went for original and the sales assistant showed me the application which is literally buffing the powder into the skin. It is a really strange consistency and almost turns to cream when it hits the skin. It doesn't cling to any face fuzz that you have and I find that it looks super natural.

The primer is my favourite primer of the moment and my god I have tried a fair few in the quest of keeping my foundation looking fresh all day! A little goes a long way and this clear almost gel like substance refines pores, improves the skin texture and keeps your makeup right where it should be!

In terms of cost, bareMinerals isn't the most expensive foundation in the market but likewise it is not the cheapest.. however I would strongly recommend that if you try it and like it to buy the starter kit in the shade advised. I am a medium and in the box you get medium and medium beige foundation so I just use the darker when I have a bit of a tan and find that works really well.

The starter kit is £49 in stores which I know some of you will think 'how much?!' but hear me out.. You get 8 things for that price and it does make it much cheaper than if you were to buy the products separately. At first I was like oh these pots are tiny but it does last! (It's worth noting that in the starter kit you get 2g of product in the pots whereas when you purchase a full size foundation at £24 that contains 8g of product so don't panic!)

However there are SO MANY places on the internet you can get the starter kit for cheaper. I bought mine from Feel Unique for £36 as they had a special offer on so make sure you do a price comparison before you purchase! In the kit you get all the brushes you need, the primer, mineral veil which is the almost loose powder you put on top if you like a matte finish and you also get a bronzer. So I think if you pay around the £30-£40 mark then you actually get alot for your money!

I have found that this has improved my skin so much since I started using it. I barely get breakouts now and I feel like my skin looks so much better when I am not wearing makeup too so there are bonuses all round!

Have you ever tried anything and been very pleasantly surprised by it?

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