Weave Got Style

Weave Got Style
Do any of you flick through magazines or watch the Kardashian's and get complete hair envy?

Well I most certainly do!

I have come from a family with good hair and I am quite lucky that my hair is relatively thick, so I bet you are probably thinking 'where is she going with this?' and I suppose I want to challenge the perception that hair extensions look really fake, are only for length and belong on celebrities and the TOWIE girls.

Today I am dedicating a post to the art of hair weaves. For those of you who aren't sure what that is.. very briefly a hair weave is where hair wefts are sewn into your own hair by being attached to a small braid underneath your hair line.

Some of you may have had bad experiences with hair weaves.. too tight plaits and headaches etc. I have had one hair weave before and whilst I loved the effect it was just too difficult to manage. This is where Weave Got Style comes in!

Weave Got Style specialise in Caucasian hair and use the finest quality human hair wefts for their weaves.

I had to share my experience with Weave Got Style as I was so impressed and I wanted to tell you all about it! Like I mentioned, I have thick hair, but rather oddly it's only really thick in the back.

Weave Got Style were able to bulk up the front giving me the volume I have dreamed of! I adore the effect of what I had and I think the colour is matched perfectly.

The plaits are very thin and I can genuinely say I have not had any pain or pulling at all. Last time I had a weave the plaits were so tight that it gave me headaches and was very uncomfortable when I went to bed.

Weave Got Style purposefully leave the plaits a bit looser as Caucasian hair is weaker round the face. I can't even feel the plaits and I have found the hair to be really manageable.

Here are my before and after shots!

Before: Sad and Flat :o(
After: Kardashian Hair is MINE!
Weave Got Style is I think very competitive in terms of cost. It's difficult to give an idea of cost as it depends on what you want to achieve and how long you want to go.

I'd say that around £150 is a good approximation though.

The whole experience was fantastic and I cannot recommend them enough. The girls are so friendly and give you helpful tips and advice throughout the whole process and make sure you look through the before and after albums they have! It is AMAZING what they have done on some people!

Weave Got Style also have their own product range which I have also tried and been very pleased with. The shampoo and conditioner are perfect for extensions and the serum makes your hair a complete dream!

They can be styled with normal hair stylers/heat etc and last for 4-8 weeks.



  1. omg, your hair is stunning!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. Your hair does look amazing there, it really does make a huge difference doesn't it. The only thing is, you say it last 4-8 weeks? I can't afford £150 for such a short amount of time. Definitely worth keeping in mind for the Xmas do's though...Hmmm. Thanks for being helpful :O)


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