Before.. with my numbing cream on!

You might remember that a good few weeks back I had my eyebrows microbladed, after four weeks of having them done for the first time, you go back for a follow up treatment to finish them off.

I went back to Cara at Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic extremely happy with how my brows had settled down and there was very little I wanted/needed doing at my second appointment!

I think the areas that didn't take as well were the inner corners so Cara touched these up for me and added a few more hair strokes so that they felt fuller. I am really happy with how my brows look and I literally don't have to do anything to them. I brush them through and sometimes apply some clear brow gel but apart from that they are super low maintenance!

I think another myth that has been busted for me was how soft and natural they settle to be. The colour match was absolutely spot on and you would never know I had had microblading as there's nothing that looks artificial about them at all. When pictured immediately after they do look quite red and inflamed but this calms right down. It's also ok to continue to groom your brows as obviously they do continue to grow - it just means that every 6-8 weeks I will have them threaded to keep the dreaded fluffy monobrow hairs at bay!

After 2nd Treatment
I could not recommend Cara enough and if microblading and semi permanent makeup is something you are interested in then definitely book in for a consultation with her!

My treatment was provided free of charge, however my views will always be 100% honest.

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