Wherever you go, you are bombarded with article after article about diet and weight loss. This diet and that diet and that seven-day miracle bikini body cure that doesn’t require any exercise on your part. It’s relentless and there’s a reason that we find these articles splashed across magazines all the time. Health is important. Being aware of the things you eat and the way you exercise is important. The more we pay attention to what we feed our bodies, the healthier we will be.

One of the most popular lifestyle choices that is growing in popularity lately, is raw foods. Thousands of years ago, the human diet was natural, organic and direct from the source. Our diets have evolved hugely since we discovered fire and the ability to cook our food, and while this evolution has been a revelation for most, it’s also been detrimental to our digestive health. Good foods have mainly been replaced with ready meals, MSG-laden dishes and preservatives to artificially flavour food. The thing is, food tastes amazing all by itself without all the additions. As more people become aware of what is actually in their food, they’re turning away from convenience foods and returning to a diet that is more basic in ingredients, but complex in flavour. There are plenty of reasons you should turn to a raw food diet, and I’ve listed some of these for you here:

  • Nourishment. Organic foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are packed with nutrients and are oozing in essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to keep going. You can find these vitamins in a lot of foods, but when they are in ‘live’ foods it’s better for your body.

  • Cravings. You’ve probably sat down for the night with a cup of tea and a chocolate bar. Craving chocolate and other junk foods suggests you are lacking in certain areas of your diet. Raw foods can fill that gap and ensure that you aren’t lacking in anything you need. It’s an easier way to decipher whether your craving is simply that you are needing emotional support.
  • Weight Loss. It’s a given that by eating raw foods that aren’t packed with saturated fats and too much artificial sugar, you will lose weight. Not only that, but you will be able to keep the weight off easier as your body will adjust its metabolism to suit a diet that is in its basic form.
  • Energy. It’s so easy to wake up in the morning feeling sluggish. It’s also easy to eat something sugary for an energy boost, but with that comes a huge crash. With raw foods in your diet, you can forget about those energy highs and lows – you’re going to feel more consistent in your energy levels.
  • Digestion. You’ve probably heard of detoxing and raw foods do exactly this. Extra fibre spring cleans you from the inside and gives your whole system a chance to feel whole and cleared out. it’s a great way to keep your body regular!

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