A lazy beach holiday can serve as a nice break from the stresses of everyday working life. However, for some, getting away is the chance to break free from an office desk and be active, to explore the unknown and shed the pounds rather than gaining them. For those that prefer this active approach to travelling, here are just a few vacation ideas that can allow you to work up a sweat in an exotic location.
Go Hiking
Walking holidays are very popular and there are many challenging routes across the world such as the Appalachian trail in America and Inca trail in Peru. Trek challenges are a popular form of travelling that often involves walking a difficult but scenic route with the help of a guide (the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike and Kilamanjaro hike are two popular examples). These hikes generally require you to raise money for charity so not only can you feel good about yourself for pushing your limits but also for helping others in the process.
Get on your Bike
You can go for a cycle holiday anywhere in the world. Renting a bike is always cheap and you can explore off-road or follow the tarmac. There are many renowned challenging routes around the world that attract cycling enthusiasts such as Munda Biddi trail in Australia and The Friendship Highway in China. You can cover more ground than hiking whilst getting just as much of a workout.

Carve up the Slopes
Skiing attracts thousands of holidaymakers every year, providing a cardio workout whilst taking in beautiful alpine views and winter wonderland vistas. It’s certainly not a summer sport, although there are some resorts that operate all year round. Some of the most celebrated resorts around the world include Chamonix, Whistler and St Anton. Ski resorts also offer the opportunity to snowboard, as well offering activities such as tobogganing, sledding and other winter sports. Different resorts are better catered to different abilities.
Take a Dive
Scuba diving allows you to explore a whole new world underwater. You’ll need to take a course and get a license first, which you can do at home or away on holiday, and then you can dive anywhere in the world. Whether you’re swimming with manta rays in the Maldives or sharks in South Africa, you’re certain to see some exotic wildlife. There’s also the chance to explore reefs, shipwrecks and other underwater hidden locations.

Do a Boot Camp Abroad
Many people will lose weight before going away in order to sculpt that beach body – but what if you were to lose weight whilst on vacation. Boot camps abroad are one way of doing this allowing you to have an intense workout whilst also experiencing a new culture and visiting an exotic location. Locations include the beaches of Caribbean, the Dolomite Mountains of Italy and tropics of Thailand. You then have the chance to lounge about in the evenings and feel like you’ve earned it!

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