We all know someone with stunning physical features, the perfect body, luscious locks and flawless skin but an awful personality. These people are no longer attractive to us. We feel repelled away from them and have no desire to spend time with them or be associated with them. Why? Because, as cheesy as it may sound, true beauty lies within. No matter how perfect you may appear from the outside, it is your personality and character that will rule people's opinion of you. This advice doesn't only apply to other people. It applies to yourself too. So how do we go about making ourselves beautiful people, inside as well as out?

This is one of the simplest steps of the process of making yourself more approachable. Smile. A toothy grin may not make you look sultry and mysterious, but it definitely makes you more approachable. It's okay to be down some of the time, but there's a difference between coming across as neutral and hostile. Next time you're walking down the street, flash a smile when you catch someone's eye, rather than frowning or staring blankly.

Drop the Facade
Many of us hide behind a facade. We have a public character that we like to stick to. You might play the role of the aggressive person who isn't to be messed with, the chirpy person who is always ready to party, or the moody person, surrounded by an air of mystery. But drop the act. The best thing you can be in public is genuine. You don't have to pretend or put on a fake or exaggerated personality for people to like you. Be yourself. People will prefer you for who you actually are than who you want to be. When you're being yourself you are under less pressure to conform to a certain persona, meaning you will be relaxed and radiate positive, good vibes.

Give Yourself a Little TLC
Around work, responsibilities and a busy social life, it can be easy to forget that you need a little time to yourself sometimes. Remember to give yourself a break now and then and practice a give yourself a little TLC. This can be whatever you fancy. Maybe a hot bath with a face mask. Perhaps kicking back with some snacks and your favorite film. You might even just want to read that book that's been sat on your bedside table for months. Whatever it is that you enjoy, make sure to make time for it in your life. It is important that you have time to release tensions and be worry free for an hour or two at least.

Be Kind to Others
Loving yourself is only one step on the journey to feeling great. You need to show love, affection, and care for others too. This can start with your family and friends. Treat them to a lunch where you can catch up and hear about what's happening in each other's lives. Call long distance friends and relatives for a casual conversation. Send a bouquet to your parents to let them know you're thinking of them. Make a special dinner as a surprise for your partner. Whatever you do, make sure that those around you know that they are loved and cared for. You can also reach out beyond people in your immediate circle. Consider donating to charity or participating in a charity event for those less fortunate than yourself. For inspiration, check out No Birds Bash. These two men are traveling the expanse of Australia and exploring its remote corners in aid of children’s charity Variety. Helping strangers is rewarding in so many ways. Not only are you giving a helping hand to people who need it, but you can sleep sound at night in the knowledge that you've made someone else's life that little bit brighter.

Practice Self-Acceptance
It's easy to fall into the trap of self-criticism. We live in a society that profits from our insecurities and self-doubt. Of course, there are aspects of our lives and looks that we'd all like to improve or change. But avoid dwelling on these things and focus instead on being happy with how you are right now. Start by acknowledging your thoughts and feelings. This can be achieved in a manner of ways. You might want to write things down. Journaling is a great way to rant and get things off your chest. Alternatively, you might want to consider meditation or yoga. These exercises will help you to achieve a tranquil, calm and peaceful state where you can contemplate freely. If you are down, it's okay to feel down. If you are angry, there's probably a good reason. Don't beat yourself up for your emotions.

Forgive and Forget
It's easy to hold grudges. It's much harder to accept people's actions and put them behind you. But bearing a grudge and bearing bad feelings only hurts you. So stop harboring negative emotions. Instead, let go of them. This isn't to say that you should welcome people who have wronged you back into your life with open arms. But forgiving, forgetting and moving on with your life will release you from feelings of anger and upset. You will be an overall more positive person to be around.

Educate Yourself
This doesn't necessarily mean slaving away over textbooks and filling notebooks with notes. Educating yourself can involve a whole manner of things. Become more aware of the world around you. Listen to other people’s issues, opinions, and passions. By being more aware of situations beyond your own, you will become a more rounded and understanding person. It is only by listening to people that you can learn how to help them. Know what's going on in the world beyond your own backyard. Ignorance may well be bliss but it’s much better to be well informed and aware of other people's lives beyond your own.

Be Respectful
You are not going to agree with everyone on every issue. But it is important that you are respectful of the beliefs of others. Listen, debate and converse. Always be open to alternative perspectives.

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