At this time of year, we’re all excited for the start of holiday season. When you’re looking to get away for a while and enjoy some much-needed time out, there’s nothing like booking your next break away to perk up your mood. But, what do you do when you’re getting a little tired of heading to the same old beach destination? Before you start packing your luggage with your trusty holiday clothes, take a look at these summer holiday ideas see if any take your fancy instead.

Lake Life
Giving you the same level of relaxation as a beach holiday, but with completely different scenery, spending your vacation at a lake could be the change you need. Not only do you get a similar kind of calming atmosphere, but you can also enjoy great weather too - depending on where you go. With lake vacations, you can choose to head to somewhere completely remote, or to a busy tourist spot. Either can also come with beautiful sunshine or much milder weather - giving you lots of choices.

City Break
Or maybe you’d like a complete change from the style of vacation that you’re used to taking? When that’s the case, why not think about heading to a city? City breaks can be just as rejuvenating as heading to the beach, just in a different way. Not only do you have some gorgeous sights to see, but you can meander around at your leisure, shopping, eating and drinking the day away - and what could be better than that?

Road Trip
If you’re hoping for a sense of adventure this summer, you might like the idea of heading out on a road trip? Just think about it. You, your friends, family, or loved one, and the open road. Not only do you get to see a lot of different places all in one go, you can tailor your vacation to your needs. One day here, a few days there - a week or so somewhere else. It’s such a freeing and refreshing holiday idea. With so much gorgeous routes to follow, a European road trip could be exactly what you need this summer.

Sports Break
Sometimes, it’s action that you’re looking for and not a lot of laying around and soaking up the sun. When that’s the case, why not think about heading away on a sports break? Whether you choose to stay on or near to a golf course during your break and enjoy days spent teeing off, or head to a water-sports resort to spend time out at sea, the action and adrenaline that comes with time spent playing sports could be the ideal vacation for you this year.

Or, perhaps you’d like a bit of a mix of everything? If you want to enjoy the peace of the countryside with the option to see a local city, enjoy some time traveling around and get to play a bit of sports, camping could be what you’re looking for! Whether you choose to stay in a cabin or a tent by a lake, you can find a wealth of different resorts that can connect you to bigger cities but still be in the heart of the peaceful countryside.

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