Review: Washi Face Cloths

Washi Hot Cloths

Today I am presenting you with a review of the Washi Skin Polishing Kit I received in my goodie bag from the North Meet Up hosted by Em of EmTalks. Having previously used the Liz Earle Muslin Cloth combo I was quite excited to give these a whirl, especially as I have a thing about gritty exfoliators!

These are pretty much a flannel but with the towelly bits positioned slightly differently. They worked really nicely with my normal facial cleanser (currently using La Roche Posay Effaclar Face Wash) and exfoliated my face without leaving it sore or dry. It helped remove every bit of makeup from my face and I am generally really impressed with the product overall. I am also informed that they are great at removing fake tan errors!

One thing I will say that is slightly negative though is that I have googled the cloths and where to purchase and from what I can see you can only buy them direct (the link is under the image above), I personally like to give things like this a bit of a feel before I purchase as if they are too rough then my face does not like it! It doesn't mean to say you can't get them elsewhere but I have no idea where or if you can.. perhaps one of you can enlighten me?

All in all though I really like the Washi Cloths and would recommend them as a cheap and effective alternative to the Liz Earle/Muslin Cloth approach :o)

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