Review: MyCocktail / MyMocktail

I am a huge cocktail fan so when I was contacted to ask if I wanted to try some cocktails by MyCocktail and MyMocktail I jumped at the chance!

I was sent the Lime MarGOrita and Pina Colada juice to try and me and my flatmate gave them a whirl before a night out at the weekend. I love frozen cocktails but wouldn't have the foggiest as to how to make them at home - the Lime MarGOrita is a blend of lime and tequila, ready mixed in a freezable pouch that you freeze for 3 hours. You can purchase the cocktails from Asda for a bargainous price of £7.50 for 4 300ml pouches! They are also available in a Strawberry DaiqGOri flavour too, think I will have to give that flavour a try next!

The Pina Colada mix is gorgeous and can be enjoyed with or without alcohol, so just add a dash of white rum and you are good to go!

I love that this company are Manchester based and I definitely will be trying more of their products. They were good quality, well packaged and a fun concept for cocktails to enjoy at home for those of us who have not got a flair bartender qualification under our belts..

For more information check out their website;, Facebook Page or Twitter.

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