#MyFirstBikini Update.. 2 Weeks to Go!

The time has ran away with me and we are now 2 weeks until I hit Marbs for my friend's Hen Do and get into a bikini for the very first time ever...

I have probably gone a bit quiet on the #myfirstbikini front and that is because to be honest I felt like having me harp on every couple of weeks would probably get a bit boring and I don't really have any big news to relay to you.

I think as the time has come on throughout my attempts to shed the weight, I have had weeks where I have lost my motivation and I am still not sure if I feel ready to bare the flesh fully on holiday - but I think it is perfectly normal.

Being body confident is much more of a state of mind than I ever thought and whilst I have come a long way I am terrified at the thought of baring my problem area - my stomach!

My gorgeous Freya Bikini will be coming in the suitcase with me and I am hoping that I will wear it once the ghostly skin colour gets a little more bronzed...

In terms of how I am getting on - I am really chuffed with my progress. This is definitely the longest I have stuck at a fitness regime and I have lost 37lbs of fat mass in approx 10 weeks which I am really genuinely pleased with.

I have started going to the bootcamps at the gym, have kept up my training sessions with Chris once a week and I have really noticed that my fitness and general health has improved no end!

I will keep you all posted with my progress and if I dare to bare when in Marbs!

Here is an AMAZING Twitter Account to follow if you need some fitness motivation :o) @befitmotivation

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