Clarks #FreeYourFeet Blogger Competition

Studio Beat Sandals -
Necklace, Dress and Clutch all from ASOS
I was recently contacted by Clarks to take part in their #FreeYourFeet Blogger Competition where I had to style up a pair of their gorgeous 'Studio Beat Sandals' as pictured above.

We have all been enjoying the sunshine over the past few days and I have been reaching for my sandals every day to keep my feet cool and comfortable in the hot weather. My summer style up of the sandals is quite simple but one that would be perfect for a day out shopping with your pals, an afternoon in a beer garden or on date night!

I have made use of the mix of gold and silver in the sandals and kept the accessories along similar colour hues and then picked out a pop of colour with this berry coloured jersey dress.

Create beachy hair and bronzed make up and you have one easy to achieve, comfortable but stylish summer outfit.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a pair of the Studio Beat Sandals of my very own and first things first - good lord why do other suppliers of sandals not put in the comfy pads in the ball and heel of the sandals like these? They are without a shadow of a doubt the most comfortable sandals I own and I really like the simplicity of them and the fact you can pair them with gold or silver. These will definitely become a great addition to my summer wardrobe! :o)

A big thank you to Clarks for asking me to take part!

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