Review: Redken Real Control

Redken Real Control Products
You know when you see a picture of yourself and think, good lord I need a hair cut NOW?! I had one of those moments over bank holiday weekend and decided that I needed to sort out my hair, get all the dead ends off and finally have some form of shape back to my barnet.

Whilst I was having my hair trimmed, the hair stylist commented that my hair needed some serious TLC, (it did in fairness) and that through colouring and being generally knotty all the time it had become very elastic. The Redken Real Control Shampoo and Conditioner were recommended to me as they could improve the texture of my hair, stop the knottiness and give it the protein boost it so needed.

As I was getting fed up with spending what seemed like an AGE brushing my hair post washing I thought I would give the Shampoo and Conditioner a whirl and have so far been really impressed! They smell really nice and fruity, not overbearing or too strong just a nice fresh fragrance and seemed to have worked wonders on improving the overall health and look of my hair.

I have found them for approximately £10ish each on Feel Unique so if you are suffering with stressed out locks then definitely give them a try!

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